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Downtown Detroit is great! Very bustley and tons of things to do. There is always events and the food scene is superb! I would highly recommend living here if you get the chance.
I love walking around downtown, and even in heart plaza! Detroit has rwally made a come back over the past few years! Its very nice. I also enjoy belle isle which is absoutly beautiful since it has became a state park. There's so much to do now in the park!
I would definitely recommend living in downtown Detroit at some point, but while I want to stay close to downtown, I would prefer a neighborhood with more of a community feel
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Many of the people who live downtown work for Quicken Loans, so the downtown area has become a bit of an odd microcosm of young mortgage brokers with a lot of money (a huge contrast from the rest of the city). Employment opportunities are somewhat limited for those without a college degree.
Since I moved in, quite a few new shops and restaurants have opened up, which has really increased the walkability of the downtown area. The proximity to restaurants, Eastern Market, and the riverwalk makes the downtown area a fantastic place to call home.