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If could do it again, would search for a suburb area due to smaller communities can closer knit environment.
Recently, there there have been homicides in my neighborhood. A few burglaries have also occurred in my place of residence. Neighbors adopt a "every man for themselves" mentality.
The most severe weather that occurs in the area is winter storms. There are at least three big snow systems that come through the area. The next most severe weather are the tornado and thunderstorms in the spring. Usually there are 3-4 warnings that come out between April and June.
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There are some small clinics in the area for specialized doctors, some banks and grocery stores that have great employers (Hyvee). I would say for younger demographic, the job market is great. But in general, you'd have to be trained in a certain profession to get a job in the area.
The neighborhood is made up of mostly corporate restaurants with a few local joints. Within these restaurants, there are not a great variety of drinks, mostly pop. One restaurant nearby, Latin King is a nice dine-in restaurant. If there are any bars in the area, they are dives in sketchy parts on town.
Most businesses are restaurants both local and corporate (Latin King, McDonalds), grocery stores (Hyvee and formerly Dahls) and convenience stores (Casey's and Kum and Go). In order to go to larger shopping districts, one must travel about 15 min. from the area. This neighborhood, in general, serves lower income families so there are not too many spectacular activities in the immediate area.