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I have immense pride being a life long resident of Dorchester, as Irish culture has brought so much positivity and energy to the town. I love the convenience, where I can walk to a pharmacy or to get a coffee or a haircut.
I would like to see more safety with drivers on the road in my area, especially on the boulevard near my home, as speeding and rules are not clear. For example, a sign that says “Left only” would be helpful.
The amount of crime varies block by block. If you're in the market don't be scared off. There are some beautiful Victorian homes here. Also, Dorchester is huge.
Dorchester is lovely and I have been living there for about 4 years. It's super close to Boston and easy to get to the city via red line. There are amazing local shops to eat at (Shanti, Bahn mi ba le, McKenna's). Close to UMass Boston, so it's ideal for students! Rent is going up, but it still pretty affordable for the time being.
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Dorchester may not be the most beautiful sight in the world, but it is a wonderful town that boasts a pretty diverse population and a plethora of activities to engage in throughout the year.
I'd been living in Dorchester since I moved here from Vietnam for more than eight years now. I really like Dorchester, there's a lot of diversity and the food is also really good.
I have lived here a while and I've made many acquintances. I go to the library alot. Go shopping. I've never been publically harrased or assaulted. I tae that bus often with daughter. The bus gets around well.
I don't hate living here, but I don't love it either. It has been my home all of my life and this is where my family is. So it matters to me very much.
I like the accessibility of everything around me. Everyone is generally nice and people who own shop and stores are very attentive here. Also, I've grown up here for more than half of my life, so I think it's a good place to call home. Although it's not perfect, because of things like crime, I do really like living here.
Ive lived in Dorchester for 6 plus years now. I lived in different parts of Dorchester as well. There are a lot of different stores and food locations. There is always a bus stop or train stop every 5 blocks or less. Traffic does get hectic at times but that's the same for any part of boston. Depending on what part you're at, there will be higher rates for crime. Also, a lot of areas in Dorchester are facing foreclosures thus leading to gentrification. Making it even harder for low income families to make a living while maintaining a roof over there head. Some parts are very artistic and clean. While other parts are dirty and run down. If the leaders of this district did more for this area, it would be a lot more better. It seems the city only cares about new infrastructure.
It is close to the city. With the year I see Dorchester developing to a multicultural community. I hope one the it will be safer than it is now
I've lived in Dorchester for almost 7 years. Yes there were shootings but that was in the early years around 2011 and 2012. Recently there hasn't been any shootings. Never any robberies. Lots of parks, food places, and a variety of buses you can take to get to where you have to be.
In Dorchester, there is a diversity of places to have ethnic food from Dominican to Jamaican. However, the traffic in the morning is terrible, which makes ones commute much longer, especially during rush hour or school time. Dorchester is not the safest place to live, but tends to be a much cheaper alternative for housing. Because many other cities in Boston are building luxury condos and raising rent, many people are migrating to the area. As someone who is very passionate on green living, it pains to see that people pollute, litter, and do not aspire to recycle and keep a green city.
Living in Dorchester has been a great experience for me, especially because I'm still trying to familiarize myself with this huge city. Since this is my new home I've found it to be very welcoming, by that I mean I'm able to do thing that weren't an option for me back home, such as walk to the corner store or catch the bus, or train. I'm literally able to walk around the neighborhood with no fear for my life and without being starred at by gangs. If I could change anything about my neighborhood it would be the streets itself they are horrible and tear up your vehicle.
Depending on where you live in Dorchester things can be comfortable and peaceful. Where I live I comfortably sitting on my steps at night or even leaving my car unlocked.
It's loud, people are rude, parking stinks, rent is too high, not enough good food places. Parks are ok, Zoo is great. Beaches are good. Violence is bad. Rodent problem is very big. Supermarkets not cleanly.
It is very family engaging neighborhood, very friendly in some parts and unfriendly in other, be cautious ta nights, some kids got missing, some shootings have happened
I’ve always been in Dorchester born & raised. Nice neighborhood depending on where you live. The schools in the neighborhood is already. A lot of stores & restaurants which is a plus.
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Living in Dorchester is not as bad as people make it seem. The area has really cleaned up in the last couple of years. Some areas are still a little sketchy, but for the most part it is over all okay. Dorchester is in the inner city and very easily accessible to most parts of Boston by MBTA, bike, car, uber, etc. I have lived here for almost five years and really do not have any complaints. There are good local bars and resturants for all ages in the area. Depending on what you like, you can find a little something for everyone.
Dorchester Is a very diverse area, let me say some pros and cons
- A lot of violence , including plenty of adolescence - gang violence
-traffic is really bad-A lot of people with Road rage
-there’s always construction going on
-housing is really expensive
-public transportation is not reliable also sometimes dirty

-Great job opportunities plenty of businesses
-very diverse
-Franklin Park zoo is right in Dorchester
-public transportation can take you to every spot
-it’s a walking city, nothing is too far everything is walking distance
- The streets are cleaner
- Most schools are really helpful with college and readiness
Living is Dorchester is convenient, everything is easily accessible. Downtown is 20 minutes away, there is plenty of transportation options. There is a bus stop in every dirction at almost every corner that runs frequently, there is also subway train stations to take you further in town quickly. The schools are ok. My overall experience has been plesant