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Quiet suburban feel with beautiful landscapes. Close to shopping and great restaurants. Zoned rural and school are the best.
The area is not like I perceived Mandarin to be. It is a quiet area with large lots, yet still in the hub of what you need.
It is very safe, and neat. There are no dangers that hit you as soon as you walk outside your door. Its a community of small businesses and is growing. There is no culture but it is growing in jobs, as well as expanding with the new homes.
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Everything where I live is well taken care of and the shopping areas are no different
There isn't much crime in the area and honestly the fact that we have some police that live here seems to help deter people that would commit crime here.
The main problem with the weather anywhere in Florida is that it can change at the drop of a hat but once it settles it is usually very nice.
There are a lot of jobs.
We have some of the best restaurants!
In my suburb people are very active.
Local businesses are the best!
For the most part the houses are great here!
Employment is harder to come by now where you can make enough money to support yourself.
We have several beautiful beaches for people to enjoy the sun and ocean activities. We have smaller lakes and many wonderful waterways including the St Johns River. There are activities for all to enjoy. We also have many parks for families and sports. Many have outdoor grills as well. Many have security on sight to protect the grounds from wrongdoers. Overall if you want to do something outdoors especially with water, your options are many
This is Florida so we basically have two seasons-football and beach. The summers can get too hot and when spurts of winter hit it does get bone chilling cold due to the dampness. But overall you can always get out and enjoy the fresh air. We are outdoors a lot. We love the beach, sports and yard work. An occasional hurricane brings severe winds and rain, but luckily so far nothing too damaging.
There are obviously things I would change or enhance but overall it a great area to live in and raise a family. There are aleays things to do - expensive to inexpensive. I have chosen not to move since i love the neighborhood so much. It is older but it works for our family.
We have people from all over the united states in our neighborhood... Some are originally from New Jersey, Miami, New York, Michigan and many more. One resident is from Thailand. Most people are happy for the most part. All are also great neighbors to one another. It makes the community friendly and safe.
There are sidewalks and bike lanes along the main road. One still needs to be aware of drivers. People walk and ride bikes all the time. There is also public transportation for those who prefer it or don't want to drive downtown
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There are job opportunities and several big business for employment. It is fairly good right now as many people are moving from one job to another. I know my mom likes her place of employment for the work andthe people.
The beaches, military and sports/concerts are probably the biggest attractions. We do have smaller town residents come for muesums, special events and shopping as well.
We have basically a wide variety in all retail areas. If there is not a favorite lose to your house it is not too far away. There is no reason to find a place that meets your needs.
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