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Love the walkability, restaurants and shops! Everyone is always ready to help their neighbors. Street parking sucks if you live near the part where there are more apartments than houses. Everyone has dogs and is very active. There are numerous parks within half a mile from the area. Housing is petty expensive right now but the value has always been there and will most likely never go down.
My experience with the Congress Park area has been nothing but amazing. Congress Park is very well-kept and very safe. the area is also very family friendly and dog friendly.
I love the neighborhood. It is quiet and the houses are charming. We are close to everything from downtown, cherry creek, the interstates, and DIA. I hope to one day be able to purchase a home in this neighborhood.
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This is a very welcoming neighborhood! With all of the beautiful trees, safely tucked-away streets, and huge parks, this area has an amazing small-town feel that's missing in much of greater-Denver.
I am so lucky to live here. It's safe, and beautiful. The only thing is that I wish it were more diverse. Its a bunch of white rich folk. So theres that.
If I had to choose whether to live in Miami, Fl again or stay in Denver, CO, I would choose Denver, CO again. I have gained such a better education since switching to the school system out here and appreciate the opportunities I have had.
The neighborhood is wonderful and very well kept but rent and cost of living is increasing and I believe this is due to the influx of people moving to the city.
Well, where I live its the city. But the mountains are a short drive away. So many places for winter sports like skiiing or snowboarding.
A large amount of crime due to the amount of homeless people in the area. Most common are simple break ins or car thefts. Generally feel safe walking around but need to be aware of agressive homeless people.
Public services are adquate for a city of this size. I believe they do well with snow removal. However there is a huge homeless problem in Denver.
Denver has mostly good weather in the Summer and Fall. Theres always a beautiful view of the Rockies wherever you are in Denver. But the winters are too extreme. It's a pain in the rear end to always have to scrape a bunch of ice and snow off your vehicle. Its also perpetually dry here, which wrecks your skin and hair.
Its tough. On one hand Denver is growing a lot and creating many new jobs. It's an exciting place to live in. But the housing and living costs have skyrocketed up over the past year and I don't think the salaries have been raising to match those increases.
Lots of variety in Congress Park. Best bar in Congress Park is Goosetown Tavern. Late night pizza at Denver Biscuit Company / Atomic Cowboy. 7/11 for a few beers and snacks. Lost Lake Lounge is a bit of a dive but has great happy hour deals all day. Tratorria Stella more popular with the over 30s crowd.
I live in a pretty "hip" part of Denver known as Congress Park. Its a very walkable neighborhood near Colfax Rd that has many restaurants, bars, hair salons, and retail marijuana stores. There is a Sprouts grocery store in walking distance as well as the music venue Bluebird Theater. Also includes a Starbucks, Chipotle, Pinche Taqueria, Pete's Greektown Cafe, Tommy's Thai, Endorphin gym, Chick-fil-a, Subway, Einstein Brothers, Trader Joe's. All good spots in the neighborhood.
Heard of robberies but space conducive to helping
Across the street from park, bar, concerts, gym!
There are so many restaurants to choose from and so much variety!
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Pretty much everything I need is within a few blocks from me. And the restaurants are local businesses instead of chain restaurants.
There was catastrophic flooding in the nearby areas last year however, clean up has been going on throughout the year and has improved signifacntly during this time.
Access to a variety of business can be found in most neighborhoods. Some of the more isolated, low-income areas struggle for access to healthy food choices but it can be found in some nearby areas.