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There is such a strong connection to nature here which makes it a truly beautiful place to live. There is easy access to Tryon Creek and Marshall Park for nice walks or picnics. The schools are very good and the friends you will make in the neighborhood are even better. There aren't many restaurants which is unfortunate, but it is very close to Sellwood and Downtown.
The houses are good quality, but there are simply not enough of them available and they are incredibly expensive.
People here claim liberalness as a pretense for being open minded, which is not the case. The vast majority of people here are not very accepting of anything that goes contrary to their beliefs. Fortunately, there are more laid back people that are present.
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Room to be yourself; people leave room to be desired
Lots of typical Oregonian wildlife is about.
Most people here are aware of their physical health and keep up with healthy eating and exersize.
Apart from a little excess rain, the weather here is amicable.
Portland prides itself it its variety of food and drink establishments - and from the ones I have experienced, I have not been disappointed.
I don't have any knowledge of what most people do for a living in Portland.
There are various clusters of small local businesses that are very typical of the "quirky" Portland aesthetic outside of the city, and as you get further into Portland, you run into more big business. But there is still quite a variety of stores - from a Haberdasher to 12 different Starbucks.