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The College Hill area is home to students from RISD and Brown University. There are many restaurants in the area, in particular on Wickenden Street, Thayer Street and South Main Street. There are also many bars and great spots for a drink. College Hill is close to Downcity Providence, which also has many restaurants and bars/clubs. As well as residential homes, College Hill has dorms and apartments that students rent. It is overall a safe area, although one should not walk alone at night. College Hill is, literally, a very big hill, so be prepared for a good workout!
It's largely a university town so the city is quite transient. On the flip side, there are really great conversations and creative people to meet because of the turnover.
Providence, like many urban areas, does have problems with theft (especially bicycle theft) and recently there has been some problems with muggings near the universities. The local police and campus police were quick to respond and addressed the issues by increasing on-street security and visibility of officers. I feel safer now.
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If you like a small scale city with a rich creative and academic scene then Providence is a great place to land. With Brown University, the Rhode Island School of Design, and Johnson and Whales University consciously integrated into the city fabric, there is a great community of academics, artists, designers, and culinary pioneers! Providence is a really lovely scale, it has enough activity that there's always an event to attend and is small enough to be able to focus on work and enjoy the natural beauty that Rhode Island has to offer. Overall, I think the city is great! What would make it even better is a stronger network for bikers--PVD, like many older NE cities, was built with very narrow roads making it hard for bikers to feel safe on the roadways--there are great bike paths but not lanes in the city.
I live in a dorm at my college, so it is good enough for a college student to live in.
When there are events, many people come together to celebrate and help the community thrive.
As long as you are walking around with people, it is safe.
The general atmosphere in Rhode Island is a feeling that sparks you to explore and try new foods and meet new sites and events in the area.
generally safe, but there are definitely some crimes happening
quiet neighborhood

many students living

frequent big winter storms

long cold days compared in year
many, many good restaurants in the neighborhood.

good options to choose from
many colleges/universities - educational professions would be good
many good restaurants.

walking-distance to retail shops and stores.

Theres a bus service which is great and the fire and police men are very responsive
its not too bad, every once in awhile things happen but they're usually taken care of within a couple hours.
It's fairly normal weather. its particularly cold in the winter and of corse beautiful in the summer.
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restaurants are very different from each other, theres casual but amazing burgers but also fancy dining for when the family comes to visit
It ranges from a lot of wealth people to many poor people.
There are many small shops and great places to get lunch and dinner.