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I love the Mission Reach section of the San Antonio River Walk. You can kayak, paddle board, bike ride or walk. The river starts in San Antonio around the Pearl neighborhood and goes all the way to Mission Espada. The Spanish missions are a great representation of the San Antonio culture and heritage. They comprise some of our oldest buildings in the City and still have a working aqueduct. It's amazing and an experience everyone should see!
Love San Antonio overall. Great history in the City. Love the short trips to Sea World and watching the Military planes overhead. The road construction is a head ache, but that's anywhere. Its hot in the summer but nice in the Winter.
it is a great place I would recommend to visit this place if you do not live there and if you do you are lucky. If you do not you should take make a stop for sure.
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I dont see/hear any crime around here. Don't have any complaints.
The atmosphere is country like, quiet, a few cars drive by and the highway is about 10 minutes away. I enjoy the stars at night and would consider living in another state with a similar environment.
No crime that I have seen, I feel safe in this area, there is always a police patrolling the subdivision
Great neighborhood, no graffiti, very quiet
There is rarely crime and we have police passing all the time.
The best place I've lived in since I moved to Texas.
I feel pretty safe in this neighborhood. I see the police car always driving around making sure everything is ok.
I love living here. It is so peaceful and everyone is friendly. It is a great neighborhood.
I've never run into any particular safety concerns in the area , but I've had robbery committed on my front porch. I had a big sculpture that I bought at Kirkland's stolen and when I reported it to the police they really said they couldn't do much, however when I suggested of a security watching for the community they took it in to consideration but never actually did a thing about it.
The area I live in was generally quiet , however now more houses are being built around the sub-division and more people are relocating to the area. As I've seen the area increase in population the business productivity has sky-rocketed. I love this environment to live in because it is including a pond across the street to simply enjoy and look over from my window view. As well as giving the people who pay for the interest of taxes to walk around it and fish. It is a safe friendly environment especially for families.
Community is nice. Apartments need a little more maintenance especially inside the homes. Near school and stores a good plus
More light needs to be maintained to the apartments.
There really isn't any crimes, and there's police cars driving around on a daily basis.
It's really quiet here but there really isn't that much to do.
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I like the peace but too much construction going on and it killing the wild animals that once lived here. I moved away from the city to get away from noise and buildings being built but construction keeps coming and ruining things.
My neighborhood does not see much crime. Police pass through the neighborhood as a sign of support.
small mom-and-pop shops near the downtown area are great for locals and tourist.
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