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I like the weather, but I don't see much opportunity for work in my current studies of Public Health. It is not cheap to live in this city yet the job opportunity is not there. I have used up all my financial aid and I cannot get a loan because I don't work. I am trying to get back out in the job market, but I can't get any help with money to do so.
I LOVE Orlando! After living here for 29 years, I have enjoyed watching the growth and prosperity of our city! Our downtown has blossomed into such a wonderful place for singles, families, and older adults. The opportunities that have emerged are amazing. I am proud that our city is known for something more than our theme parks. Our mayor has done a phenomenal job bringing such a diversity to O town!
I enjoy the tranquility and the entertainment factor. It needs to improve on more diversity and transportation. The bus system is not up to par with a growing city. The traffic is very heavy .
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The city is over crowed with to many traffic problems. The rent requirement is three times your income with background checks. Jobs do not like to hire people that are over 40years old in the restaurant industry. Residents are exposed to unfriendly roads for bicycle navigation and improper lane changes. There are not enough buses that run to outside areas at a later period with growing in habitation there needs to be 24hour bus service. Children have to wait for buses in bad areas with no school benches for kids.
Change roadways EVERYWHERE! More parking in all businesses! This is a tourist spot and they are overcrowding residents!
Overall Orlando has a lot to offer! There is always something to do and it offers a great eclectic variety of people and restaurants.
I love the fact we stand united together after tragedy especially after the Pulse shooting. Life is short and we should not let others dictate how we live it.
I, have been living in Downtown Orlando for 12 years now. Family friendly, quiet, everyone is friendly and cordial, suburbs. Close to nearby hospital, work, bus transportation, excellent restaurants, shopping and entertainment.
I love Orlando, I moved from PR 4 years ago and found two jobs in just after one month of moving. It was the best decision I have taking. There is a lot of places to visit and new stuff to learn.
Good place to go have a good time with family and friends. Good food and night life. Highly recommended to visit.
A beautiful downtown area with a slight homeless problem. I've lived in the downtown area for almost six months and I haven't ventured into the city center on foot yet because of the abundance of vagrants and panhandlers present around the library and public transportation hubs. I've been hoping to try a restaurant that required walking to but the place is located where many of the homeless congregate.
I have lived in Orlando, Fl for approximately 15 years and what attracts me and keeps me is the entertainment, restaurants of different nationalities, the parks, and so much to do. There are plenty of universities to attend. There are lakes, waterparks, Disney, Universal, Aquatica, the performing arts centers, and so much more. The airport is huge due to the millions of visitors who visit. From our airport, we can pretty much fly anywhere directly. I love it here!