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I live near 49th and Hatfield, and I've never not felt safe.
There isnt a lot of crime in the area anymore or as much as there had been at some points of time
Its very open, and there is a variety of new things and places and events to try out all the time
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I feel very safe in the neighborhood. I have not witnessed or heard of much crime. My neighbors all look out for each other and if something suspicious is occurring, the neighbors on the block make their presence known.
The Lawrenceville is one of the most unique neighborhoods in the city. It has everything a young person would want including parks, businesses, and restaurants. The neighborhood maintains a diversity and uniqueness that contributes to a highly progressive environment. The architecture of the buildings is classic and exhibits the neighborhood's history.
The atmosphere is great. Everyone is friendly. I am planning on moving because of recent construction in Lawrenceville. There are too many people moving in to the smaller town with less and less available parking. The price of housing is also getting extremely expensive.
This is the area iIgrew up in for better of worse it shaped me. I would never trade that in for something different.
It is a growing job market. I expect it to continue to improve both in opportunities and compensation.
Lots of great bars and restaurants in the area. Some good local retail, but a little pricey. Everything is within walking distance except a good market/grocery store.
There have been at least 6 murders in the last 6 months on a 6 block radius from my home. The police only show up after there have been several calls made, and response times are very long. We do not see police cars, unless they are actively responding to a crime.
You can order food faster then you can get a officer to come to your house. Roads do not get plowed in winter. Water company will let a break in the line go for days, charging you for the water use, then blame you for the ice that forms. Yes this was in the middle of winter.
You get used to the weather here. I have worn a heavy winter coat in may. Good boots are a must, and an electric heater is a good investment.
People have college degrees and can not get a job in their field. Most turn to fast food.
Same as food. Places only cater to certain types of people, such as dive bars or gay night clubs. No parking at almost all places. We would rather drive the 15-20 min to go out to eat.
Places being replaced with very high priced tiny shops that only cater to a small group. Have to go out of way to go food shopping.
Love the restaurants and shops--my area (Lawrenceville) is definitely going through some major gentrification. As a result, great restaurants and retail shops are coming in.
I'm in the tech industry, and most of the startups/tech-related jobs are found in:

- East Liberty

- Downtown

- Suburban areas (like Cranberry Twp)