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It is located to everything. There is a cheap theater close by, many fast food restaurants, bowling, night life (including bars).
Our police force are always around patrolling the streets.
We are the city of trees and it is true. We have large parks with lots of huge trees.
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Some of out political official have their own agenda and don't think about the constituents.
We have 4 seasons here. Around here we say if you don't like the weather wait five minutes.
We have several resturants that make all their food fresh and support local farmers.
There are lots of job oppurtunities, not all pay above the poverty level. Several places are hiring at all times.
Living in Boise is amazing. We have a variety of shops including big stores and mom and pops. Most stores have almost everything you might need to get by. For the most part store employees are helpful and polite.
Idaho is a very outdoorsy area, lot of options pretty average, nothing out of the ordinary. Lot of fun in all four seasons that we get here.
There are average maybe less than average occurrences of criminal activity. Idaho is a pretty safe place, I'm from Southern California so Boise, Idaho is drastically safer and better place to live for the most part.
The bus services are normal, if anything there is room for improvement, but there is nothing wrong with it either.
No problems at all. Boise is beautiful and a fun place to live. Very comfortable.
I have been able to find jobs, but there are other options that I wish could be more available, but degrees are huge for alot of jobs and the college students are kind of put on hold because we do not all have experience in certain areas or degrees quite yet so we are stuck with low paying jobs trying to survive in the world and in college at the same time.
There are some pretty good places to eat locally. There are some that I still don't even know about I'm sure. Boise is small yet big, so I keep finding out about more and more places, definitely have to go try them all soon. There are alot of great and unique places I've been to and friends as well that have told me too, very content with the options.
All the local businesses are pretty normal. Average stores, we do have some nice local businesses that are great. Nothing too crazy in the area or anything. Very content.