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I like how safe it is and how accesible restaurants, supermarkets, and banks are. I do agree that there could be a metro station (tenleytown and cleveland park ate both too far to walk to). Also, living is a bit expensive and there are so many college students, like me, that would benefit from living in this area (close to AU and GW). But due to high rents, it is very dificult. The restaurants here, although good, are very pricey too. Lastly, it would be more beneficial to us if there was a better bike trail.
Quite safe neighborhood with great schools and plenty of places to eat. However, there isn't much to do.
You're still in a city. but as far as city living goes, this is an incredibly safe area!
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It's such a nice area! It's like living in a suburb in the city, so it's quiet but still very easy to access the hustle and bustle of city life!
The primary District Police are always out and about, whereas the localized safety teams thoroughly cover their designated regions. The integration of different forces reassures my comfort in their ability to protect. In my two years of living here, I've only heard of one robbery in my specific neighborhood.
Washington DC offers a more pleasant experience that a rural community. Between the local parks/trails, diversity of museums and international restaurants, residents experience what I would consider as quaint urbanization applicable to a variety of age groups. I would recommend living here for a few years to experience all twelve square miles of quirky city-scape. If I could go back in time and move elsewhere, I would chose not to.
I think, espeically for my age, there is no better place to live. There is so much diversity and drive. There are so many opportunity to do so many different things. From food tasting to concerts, the variety is endless and people are so passionate. There is so much to do and a lot of it is free which is nice for a broke college student.
I absolutely love this area. There is a shocking amount of green and forest, and that never fails to be a beautiful aspect and surprise of this city. This is a great city to walk in and throughout, and thus is a great city for students looking to explore and engage in the city's atmosphere.
Very good housing and very good up keep but there are few driveways and a lack of parking
People tend to be very healthy including most of the students in the area
Crime is very low, many high profile people live in the area so there is tight security
Very humid in summer, recently winters have been much colder with lots of snow and ice.
Jobs are minimum wage jobs
Very generic businesses from chain restaurants
We had an exceptionally hard winter from which they haven't yet recovered.
Again, safe, family-oriented neighborhood. Benefit of living between the Naval Observatory and Homeland Security.
Incredibly expensive around here for gas but 10 miles out it will be about $.50 cheaper on average. Everything is expensive so you opt to stay in or invite people over often.
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Will ride a lot on whether the city gains statehood at the end of this year.
Friendly, smiling people. So long as you're not bigoted and shy away from harsh political conversations, you're good.
Not enough chain restaurants for someone who likes to use coupons and gift cards, but there is no shortage of interesting and unique foods and places - both in tastes of the food they serve and the atmosphere they offer.