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I like that they have a lot of supermarkets around. The only thing I would wish to see is less of the kids on the corner doing drugs.
I have been living there since I was a baby . The apartments are nice. They always help you out when something is broken. The management is really kind. They have plants all over.
Canoga Park is a community of great diversity, though mainly populated with Hispanics, in Canoga you can always find different cultures and ethnicities.
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Canoga Park is known to be one of the most intresting neighborhoods for the things that happen inside of it. By this I mean by a series of unfortunate events. For as long as I can remember there has never been a night where I don't hear a police siren. Whether it's one am or three in the afternoon, they're always sounding their sirens. Not only do I hear the sound of police sirens but, others as well. It has gotten to a point where I can't differentiate the sound of firework, and the sound of a gunshot. Our neighborhoods have always lacked safety, hence why so many cars have been robbed in the past years. A suggestion I would give to my neighborhood watcher would be to implement more security cameras in order to catch the criminals. This applies to anyone, to have something stolen regaurdless of what neighborhood they live in, is wrong and unfair.
I live here and overall it is very peaceful. Everyone here lives happy with one another and there is no problem. There is no danger here but when there is it is rare and it is taken care of. The children are able to enjoy the park that is near here and be happy while running around.
I like how many people that I know live around this area. There are both ups and downs to this neighborhood, but overall it's okay. I have lived here for my whole and I've never had an issue with it.
I like my neighborhood very much, I have a lot friendly neighbors, the area is calm and people are chill. I would say that my favorite thing about Canoga Park are the restaurants, they're the best and not expensive which makes it good.
I have always lived there basically my whole 17 years. I have had many good memories and im experienced with this neighborhood.
I love my house in canoga park. The neighborhood is quiet on weekdays but noisy on weekends. Stores and restaurants are conveniently close. Lanark Park is very family friendly
I've lived in Canoga Park for 16 years now and I've grown up here. Some parts of the neighborhood are decent and other parts are more sketchy like any other city. I love how convenient everything is, major stores are only a few miles away from each other. Good suburban area and not too far from downtown just 25 miles away.
Canoga Park is a vibrant neighborhood with an array of small family-owned businesses and restaurants. Take a stroll down Sherman Way and experience the assemblage of resale shops and street art. This area is very community-focused, with street-fairs and different cultural events throughout the year, as well as weekly farmer's markets and soccer matches in the park. This area is dominated by Spanish-speakers and English-speakers alike. The diversity--in both people and businesses-- is one of the awesome things about this neighborhood.
I like living in Canoga park based on how close it is to the mall and grocery stores. The noise from the road is quieter then where I used to live so that is a plus. Most of the people that live in my apartments are very friendly and respectful to others. There does seem to be a lot of campers in the area which means the homeless population isn't very good here. One new guy in my apartments that just moved in said that his truck got robbed of his tools. That wasn't very nice to hear but as far as that this area seems pretty safe.
It's big neighborhood in the middle of Chatsworth, West Hills, and woodland hills so the commute to other neighborhoods in the valley isn't bad. It's near the topanga and village mall which are great. I just wish there were better public schools in Canoga Park
I wish Canoga park had more renovations and someone got rid of the tags around my neighborhood. I am slowly seeing some renovations being done, like new stores like Chikfila and a new Vallarata.
Canoga Park may be the next big area for gentrification. You can start to see it along Sherman Way. From the Follow your Heart (vegan Restaurant), to bookstores (yes actual independent book stores), antique shops, a bike shop, and independent coffee shops (Bee's Boba) and a theater, it is easy to envision a changing community. The diversity is great, and seems safe. I've lived there for the past year and have had no problems. Will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years. One of the few places you can still get a home for a reasonable price in LA.
It's a great neighborhood. There are a lot of families and young people in the area. Parking is a nightmare.
Even though I live on a main street, it is a quiet neighborhood for the most part. Most neighbors are super friendly and take the time to look out for one another. Everything is relatively close by. You do not need to venture far to run errands.
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I love living in Canoga Park because my job is close, a lot of shopping stores are nearby, and finding parking is easy.
I have lived in Canoga Park my entire life and would like to see more affordable housing as over the past several years much of housing prices has gone up to the point where many people have had to relocate
Canoga Park is a city divided. On one side of Canoga, you have a very quiet, clean, family friendly neighborhood. The other side of Canoga Park is plagued with crime, gangs and an increasing homeless population. I would like to see the gap closed between the two sides to make Canoga Park an overall safer place to live. I believe the city should take better care of the community by cleaning up trash, graffiti, fixing broken structures and investing in the community. I give Canoga Park a rating of 3 stars because I believe the Canoga Park is a great city but there is definitely room for improvement.