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Camby, IN is a very small community which is what I like most about it. You know a lot of people here and its not uncommon to see someone you know while out. There is a decent amount of restaurant options as well as fast food places to go to. I do wish there was more to choose from but its not terrible.
Camby is the right distance between the city and country. You're far enough from the big city but still in a close community. I'd like to see a a grocery store with healthier options like Whole Foods.
I have lived in Camby all of my life, so I definitely call this city my home. It is a very welcoming neighborhood with high diversity and ages of people. Our neighbors have always been very kind and Camby is a great place to start a family.
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Camby is a small suburb of Indianapolis which offers a quiet lifestyle, county living, and ease of the city within minutes. The schools are not too overcrowded and you will find many restaurants and shopping opportunities. An easy commute to Indianapolis will not leave you in traffic for hours a day.
Used to be a very family friendly community, as it was initially advertised. Now we deal with drivers that do not follow the speed limit. Very few people follow the noise curfew.
Camby is an amazing suburban town right outside Indianapolis. I would recommend to anyone who is starting a family or young couples due to Camby’s lower cost of living with still having great benefits that you need, e.g. Meijer, Menards, decent amount of food places... Also, if you want to go to downtown Indy, as long as you do not go during rush hour, you can get there in about 20-25mins which is super nice for sure!
I like that it’s a small town and where I live I can just walk to Walmart, Starbucks, PNC, etc. and it’s easy to go anywhere. Most of the people I’ve come in contact are very nice. We could use some more street lights and other things a small city needs. Overall I like Camby as my home.
I love Camby, In. It almost has a small town feel yet Indianapolis is so close that anything you could want is within a short driving distance.
Far enough away from the hustle and bustle, but easy access to Greenwood, Plainfield, and Indy. The elementary schools are good, but the middle school and high school are believe average.