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Love this area of Charlotte. Infrastructure is behind with all of the new development in the area though. Plenty of shopping and parks. Strong sense of community.
There are a lot of events that go on throughout the year. My specific subdivision has a strong sense of togetherness. There are a few apps and websites that are used to keep everyone in touch. People can post anything from garage sales to suspicious vehicles in our subdivision. All my neighbors are friendly and open to new neighbors that come in. They're very accepting and kind. We trust them to get our mail and watch our house while we are on vacations. The kids in this area have grown up together and are very close.
I don't see crime happening in this area of Charlotte. I see it happening occasionally closer to uptown Charlotte, but not really in the southern parts. I'm sure it happens, crime happens everywhere. But since I don't see it, I figure the police do a really good job of keeping it under locks and preventing issues from becoming bigger. Police are active at every school I've gone to, which is great for the parents to feel safer. I actually have a neighbor who's a cop. He's incredibly friendly and watches our house when we go on vacations. Almost everytime I go somewhere, I see at least one cop car on the road. They have a presence in big store parking lots as well. The few times we have had to call them for something, they show up quickly.
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I prefer living in small cities, but, in this area of Charlotte, you don't feel like you live in a huge city. I have my little pocket where I live, do my shopping, hang out with friends, etc. It seems like it's constantly expanding, which can be bad if you don't like construction. It can cause heavy traffic at times. Once it's done, though, we have new shopping areas and new stores. I've recently noticed that even small issues like potholes have been fixed pretty quickly. If I had the choice, I would move here again. Compared to where I used to live in Michigan, it's much more lively and clean. I see this place continuing to expand and the school systems getting better.
THe restaurants are gret but there arnt 5 star but i can give them a solid 4 stars.
I work at harris teeter for now but besides woring there it is a good amount of jobs in my area.
The busineses are pretty good , there are many different opportunities for people.