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Many national chain restaurants, not many local restaurants except for TexMex food. India, Middle Eastern and Asian restaurants are growing.
Generally ok, often hot an windy in summer and cold and windy in winter. Not too many extreme weather events, but need to be vigilant about tornadoes and winter ice storms.
Within 40 miles there are a lot of diverse and wonderful, world class attractions, but within 10 miles there are not many.
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Overall it is very safe, the police are very visible and are a positive presence.
We are lucky to have many businesses and healthy competition that gives us a lot of choice.
Diverse, many small ranch house communities and many big mansionette communities.
Recently drove from Florida to Minnesota. We have best transportation system of all.
minimum wage jobs are plentiful and there are many "Hiring Now" signs all over town. The economy seems strong and corporations are expanding. There are a lot of big construction projects near our house.
Neighborhood is safe (if you are smart and lock your car and house), and is generally peaceful. Need to have a car to get to most recreational areas though
If you like prairies this place is for you
Opportunities for healthy lifestyle are easily available but many people eat too much and eat the wrong so even though they exercise, they are overweight.
Diverse neighborhood in terms of nationality, race, education and income. Also more politically diverse than most of North Texas.
Single family homes and apartments, great parks, lots of walkers and runners, but suburan so driving is essential. Small urban area is growing where restaurants and shops are in walking distance
We are fortunate to live in a healthy economic area