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I love this quiet neighborhood nestled in the city life. Family friendly and despite the reputation of Hartford I feel safe in this side of town.
Personally I've never felt unsafe, however I have heard about some tragic incidents in the area
Although the city of Hartford, CT overall does not have the best reputation, I've had nothing but pleasant experiences in my neighborhood & the surrounding areas I've ventured into.
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Compared to other parts in Hartford, the area that I live in is actually safe. There has only been one crime that has occurred...which took place last year but other than that, it is a pretty safe area
Compared to other places, I would say that this area is okay. There are definitely better and safer areas to live. In the future, I see this place staying the same. Meaning that in it will not increase nor deteriorate..but will just stay the same. I hope that crime does not increase and it stays as quiet as it is now
The neighbors are nice. everyone does there own thing. There's not really any violence in my area.
Not a lot of places in this area are looking for new employees, and it is especially hard for people with no experience to find jobs.
Most of the stores in this area are family owned and services are great. Due to the diverse population, it is very easy to find what you need and what you didn't know you needed. You can get anything you need within walking distance, but there are also stores that have larger selections that are only a few minutes drive.
The weather in this area is not bad, but it is not great either. Just like any other New England region, we experience a lot of snow in the winter, but it is bearable and the roads are regularly cleaned whenever there is large amounts of snow falling.
I am basing my review on the Caribbean eateries in my area and the food and drink at these places are great. They offer many authentic foods and drinks from Caribbean countries and have a very nice atmosphere.