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Every time I need help the police are there ready to help as soon as they can get there. They are very reliable and they help keep the area safe. There is little amounts of crime in this area making it safe for kids and students to live.
I see more development in the future and I would most definitely live here again. It's where I grew up and it's easy to navigate around this area.
Crime is rising in this area.
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I see this area growing and becoming bigger, more families moving in, more businesses opening.
I love to be outdoors wherever I am. This area is peaceful,and for the most part, quiet. The quality of the parks are professional; the upkeep is and service is professional. There are a couple of wildlife/national parks, and they are okay. Pollution is minimal.
Their are crime rates, but I have not witnessed a crime being committed. The police are usually pretty good about acting fast when there is a call, but sometimes it takes awhile for them to show up after the call for help is made. I feel like the police and other law enforcement groups do a great job to keep this area safe.
The weather is unpredictable. It can be snowing one week in April, and the next week be sunny with a high of 75 degrees F.
There were a lot of unique restaurants, that included a couple asian restaurants, as well as some fast-food chains. There were probably 3 restaurants that I would go to in order to have a nice, classy, affordable meal. The rest of the restaurants were either food, run down, or didn't have many customers. The food was pretty good at a place called Applebees and Buffalo Wild Wings.
What most people did for a living, was work in customer service, or basic store clerk jobs. The managers would cycle through every so often; most of them didn't stick around for too long.
There were stores that I could go that would provide for my basic needs, like groceries. If I wanted higher quality food, I would need to travel for a longer distance. The auto businesses were okay, but not super reliable or affordable.
Long cold winters followed by hot, steamy humid summers. Extreme weather has been difficult at times to deal with. Everything from hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes, below freezing temperatures, make Iowa an adventure.
Generally feel safe as a pedestrian and someone who runs around town. Parking is pretty easy to find- even downtown. Public transportation limited and not reliable. Fairly safe but overly cautious drivers.
Very friendly, family community. Great place to raise a family. Very welcoming community. Somewhat difficult to get connected if you don't have children.
Lots of jobs available. Often ranked a top place for careers and business. Cost of living here is less so you tend to get paid less.
I would not choose to live here again. We are living here while my husband attends medical school. We have been a bit bored and feel the city is lacking some of the activities we love to do like hiking, camping, etc.
Lots of festivals, farmers markets, and things to do downtown. Great arts scene downtown that bring some great broadway shows. Also some good concerts come through town.
While there is a group of active individuals and families, there are quite a few people overweight. May be the long cold winters, but having moved from another area, I would not classify this city as very athletic.
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Cost of living is great. You get a variety of suburbs as well as old city charm and historic buildings and homes. Most homes are fairly well taken care of.
I feel safe. Not major crimes like a large city, but there are still some areas of the city I would avoid.
Lots of different options and places to eat. You have your chains, but you also have some great unique places to Des Moines.