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Beverly is a great place to live if you're a young couple looking to settle down and establish a life for yourself, or if you're older and want a quiet neighborhood. The school system, both public and private, are excellent and there is a strong sense of community. However, it does not offer much if you're looking to be young and single. Nightlife is nonexistent outside of going to bars on Western Avenue, if you'd like to do anything else you're going to have to travel further into the city or suburbs.
I have loved growing up in Beverly. Beverly is very much a family oriented neighborhood. Kids are always running around and neighbors are very welcoming
Beverly is a safe neighborhood filled with a ton of Chicago firemen and police officers. You feel safe wherever you are both during the day and at night. There are a lot of restaurants and bars that are close and family friendly.
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I always feel safe in my neighborhood and there are some really good schools in the area. More restaurant options and better grocery stores should be accessible, but it could definitely be worse. Overall, it's a great place to rear a family.
Beverly is a quiet, warm, community based, neighborly, safe, racially diversified neighborhood for the middle class. I love this neighborhood because I feel safe that I know my neighbors. We pay attention to who comes in and out of the neighborhood. Residents of Beverly consist of firefighters, policemen, postal carriers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, business owners, etc. whom are homeowners. There are no vacant lots or homes, and not too many people sell their homes fast. There are plenty of retailers nearby. The scenic view of the Dan Ryan Forest Reserve is breathtaking in the fall full of life and colors. The wildlife migrate to the area including deer, woodpeckers and hummingbirds to name a few. Overall, this is a neighborhood for civilians who are educated, sophisticated, and friendly.
Such an amazing neighborhood! Everyone knows everyone. People look out for one another. The house are so cute and different.
Beverly is a city neighborhood that has a very strong community feel. Neighbors are friendly and look out for one another, but aren't too nosy either. There is very little crime, with excellent public schools and a growing restaurant/nightlife scene, along with such cultural events as the Frunchroom and Beverly Art Walk. Beverly has historically embraced diversity as other south side neighborhoods experienced white flight, and that welcoming attitude is still reflected in the neighborhood. Although it is on the southern edge of the city, commuting is simple, with excellent access to expressways and the Rock Island Metra, as well as 24 hour bus service on western and 95th street. Bonus, it is architecturally and geographically interesting when compared to much of the city, hilly with large, gracious homes on wide lots. Beverly is a wonderful option for people who don't want to lose access to the city, but want a safe, comfortable place to raise a family.
Its called a Village in the City. A lot of great cultural activities in the area and the close proximity to the Chicago downtown is excellent.
I love the diversity in Beverly. I would like to see more of a neighborly attitude, but overall it is great!
The Beverly neighborhood is a diverse one located on the South side of Chicago, Illinois. It's friendly environment gives it the perfect place to settle down and raise your kids, buy a house, and enjoy your life. It's low crime rate, low poverty, and high in restaurants, shops, schools, parks, and friendly people to interact with. I have been living in Beverly for the past 10 years. Here, I attended my elementary school, socialized with my friends, ran and worked out, and enjoyed the local parks.
Beverly is a great community. Lots of hard working people. Mostly friendly. Great schools and parks. Plenty to do. Needs more restaurants that are not fast food, though.
I raised Maywood, Illinois and moved to Beverly two years ago and it was the best decision. The area is very quiet, people care about their homes and what is going on in the area. A sense of community. My family was very shocked that I moved to Beverly because most of them reside on the west side of Chicago. Now I know why.
Beverly is one of the few racially integrated areas of Chicago where people genuinely seem to get along. Everything is kind of centered around the catholic schools but if you aren't part of that, you're still welcome in the community. Most people work downtown and the Metra makes it easy to get there and back.

Although its a classy neighborhood, everyone is too busy with their own lives - raising kids and earning a living to get into any passive aggressive silliness about how your lawn looks or when you're gonna do something about some leaves. I wouldn't want to live in a place like that.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of career level jobs in the area, just working at food paces and retail shops. There is really no night life whatsoever, but I wouldn't feel uncomfortable jogging at night around the neighborhood although it would be pretty isolated and quiet. Great places like ChiTung, Beggars Pizza, Rossati's and Barraco's all deliver to you here.
Beverly is a quaint, family oriented neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. It is a 25 minute metra ride to downtown Chicago, it has great public schools, many parks to relax and a variety of restaurants to try. Beverly is the gem of the city.
Beverly is a small neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. It has a public elementary school (Sutherland) which is very good. Being a teenager, my parents are worried about my safety, but I often remind them that we live in Beverly and that somewhat puts their worries at ease. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of nighttime activities to be a part of. Beverly is a very family friendly community with a short commute to downtown or Orland Park, Illinois. There are numerous job opportunities for teenagers and I have found it very easy to get a job at the local park district (Ridge Park) located on 96th and Longwood street. Overall, Beverly is an ideal neighborhood to live in if one can afford the cost of living. The average cost of a house in Beverly is about $320,000.
The properties are very nice and the area feels very safe. I have never felt the feeling that I am in danger of someone in Beverly. There are several local coffee shops, churches, and schools. There many Catholic grade school options and a few public grade schools.
A family friendly atmosphere with all the benefits of living in the city, but a safer and more knit community to raise a family.
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Only the brave walk around at night. Chicago has a high violence rate and people are scared to walk around by themselves even in broad daylight. I wish the police were around more often and got involved with the the community more often rather than this authority to fear and hate.
My neighborhood is rather safe and peaceful, but Chicago is known for its violence. I would like to move out of Chicago becausr of the tax rate and violence. If Chicago continues on the path it's going on, I fear the worst for it.
The gangs are really bad in Chicago. Shooting occur every weekend.