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It can be scary walking at nights around the street but being raised in the neighborhood wasn't too bad. Really enjoy my neighbors.
I have lived in the Bayview for the past 4 years, and although there has been a lot of growth in the neighborhood such as coffee shops, grocery store, and breweries, there's a lack of restaurants and accessibility to clean and safe recreational places.
I like that my neighborhood typically very quiet. I sleep very soundly. We have a new grocery store, Duc Loi pantry, which is not far from my house.
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Growing up in Bayview I was taught a lot. it might not have been the safest neighborhood but everyone here is a family. I joined a lot of programs in my neighborhood such as Gilman and girls 2000. I was taught how to become a gardener and grow my own food to stay healthy. I was then able to pass my skills along to others in my neighborhood. My neighborhood also cared about our education. they give students scholarships that are going off to college. one day I would love to give back to them.
Bayview is a quickly changing neighborhood, would like to see more young people involved in the change and establishing a way to preserve the history and culture of Bayview as it's developing along with the city.
It's a nice quiet part of San Francisco. I like the hills and the houses. It's very diverse, so it's easy to get different kinds of food and groceries. I wish it were a tiny bit safer in some parts at night.
Growning up in san francisco's bayview district, allowed me to grow up ith the best weather in the city. The people of the bayview are nice caring people who like to always have fun, especially when the bayview opera house throws community events on the third Friday of every month. There are alot of good schools as well as extra curricular activities for youth, adults and the elderly. The bayview is a great place, its currently going through mass improvements and influxes of many different people. It a beautiful thing.
Not much crime in my immediate area.
This area in San Francisco can be challenging to live in, but I'm determined to make the best of it.
It could be better but with a police station near by, it is improving around here.
The neighborhood is getting better and is increasing in value. It is a great time to buy here. Right now it may not look the best but in the near future it will be better.
when one needs officers or something is happening around where i live there are never police around and when you need them it takes them awhile to respond and come and check out what is happening. police officers around my area arent very reliable to due the fact that sometimes they are friends with the people we are complaining about and dont do anything to hepl resolve the problem.
The atmosphere of where i live is noisy and stressful. i would have to say that there is always problems which are people breaking into cars and stealing them or people crashing your car and leaving also people smoking at the corners and being noisy.
i have not heard anything major i some miner theft but nothing sires
i love the weather it is never to hot or cold the worst it gets is foggy
not a great verity but the food is really good great coffee and chinese
not many in my district not much gentrification is a problem.
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Cool all year round on average. Natural disasters are rare. Wardrobe always require a jacket.
There's a Lowe's and Foods Co and thats pretty much the largest company in the neighborhood. There are a good amount of mom-and-pop restaurants nearby.
There are a lot of small businesses.