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There is quite a bit of crime here. Too many people participate in drugs and it is an unsafe feeling.
This town does no compare to Florida where I previously lives, but it does provide a higher wage and cheaper living.
I wouldn't live here again. This general living area has volumes of apartment complexes and I am not a fan.
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As a woman I cannot walk alone anywhere. There is lots of crime.
I do love my apartment, but this area in particular has been effected by robberies -- even in the apartments next to me -- which keeps me from feeling entirely safe. The crime in this city is terrible. That aside, there are restaurants nearby as well as several grocery stores. The cost of living is wonderfully cheap. It is possible to live in a nice place and still have money left over to save. As a student, this is a major bonus for me.
As of late I have had some concerns over vehicles being broken into and stolen, it's been happening a lot to people I am close with. Aside from that I feel safe overall.
There definitely is a lot more space between the neighbors and with the properties. I would live here again, the air is clean and is smells like roasted chile in the fall which is great. The overall state may be poor, but I wouldn't change the view of the mountains in the east for anything, especially with hot air balloons drifting in the early morning in front of the mountains.
The crime and safety is awful. Its scary where I live.
The living area is okay, but crime is awful. 2 weeks ago 3 people were shot and killed right next to where I live.
Police drive around a pretty reasonable amount. I don't feel unsafe whatsoever.
It's nice, close to amenities and running trails.
There is some crime in the area due to the poor upkeep of houses, clearly caused by a lack of resources. If more business opened up in the area, more money would flow through and crime may go down. However, the police are quick to respond in this area, so it does feel very safe.
This neighborhood has a friendly atmosphere and a great community. In the future, I see more small businesses and shops opening up in this area, creating jobs and more people coming through.
I have had by vehicle broken into and the back window smashed.
My neighborhood is wonderful. The neighbors are all very nice people.
things happen and the police force here do their best
my neighbors are ones that i know if i left for a vacation they would look after the house.
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I have had experiences in life ranging from great yo horrible. I've hit rock bottom and for me Albuquerque was the city that picked me back up. I found employment, great schools and great people here. I love Albuquerque and I will probably live here for a very long time.
We have cops living down the street from us and I feel very safe.
I just wish that their was a more of an older teen to high school community in my neighborhood because they're all younger kids.