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I love the general atmosphere growing up here it is almost all I know, however because I don't ski or snowboard the outdoors of Utah are not as fun as they could be, I would have rather lived near a beach but compared to California, I believe Utah is safer and cleaner
Unfortunately some areas are a little sketchy due to the high population of homeless people, but overall it is a very safe city. I love that the mountains are so close, permitting people to live a life in the city as well as go on outdoor adventures. Salt Lake City is beautiful, with a culture that is highly involved in the arts. It is great!
in my area I have known my neighbors for a great while.
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This valley is known for the best snow on earth, it can either snow a lot or not snow an inch. some essentials are scarves, beanies, gloves and jackets
The overall variety of nearby restaurants are very limited after 10 pm.
The employment opportunities are endless here in this valley, most people work for call centers or commercial banks, in the medical field. mostly depending there experience and likes.
In the area I live in I can get everything I need. there is never any issue finding the items I need.
Great outdoors area!! Inversion is the only issue in the winter.
Involve the community really well, but constantly informing them of what is going on.
I love to stay local, and there are many local businesses in the area.
Many people that come from other states for work or school tend to really enjoy the community. The city has a "small" feel to it although it is on average a larger city.
Although the city overall has a low unemployment rate, I personally struggle to find a position that meets my schooling and experience levels.
Being an outdoor type of person the city is great. My boyfriend and I can usually always find something to do. When it comes to hikes however, it is harder to find off leash dog friendly trails, due to the protected watersheds.
A lot of variety in restaurants and bars, yet the liquor/beer laws for the state are still annoying.
Some areas of the city have great looking houses, while other areas look completely run down, and not maintained at all.
Great outdoor city, hiking, biking, running trails all close to the mountains. Great city to ski in as well.