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Back Bay has everything a young professional can ask for. Easily accessible, great options for food shopping and entertainment. If there is any part of Boston you should see, Back Bay is the place to put at the top of your list!
I absolutely loved living in the Back Bay. I recommend it to anyone looking to live in Boston. You are just so centrally located you can literally walk anywhere in the city,
Very high cost of living but great amentities. I've lived in the area for about 8 years and little has changed except more locations are being renovated. Good public transit though with green line/orange line and bus service.
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I am a graduate student at Boston University and I am living in Back Bay! I immediately fell in love with this neighborhood! Easy access to public transportation. The community itself is beautiful and there is easy access to many stores and restaurants!
What I like the most about Back Bay is that is a very safe neighborhood. It is really close to Boston downtown, the main shopping street is located in Back Bay and there are many cultural events around. Moreover, the neighborhood itself has a typical atmosphere that cannot be experience anywhere else in Boston.
I like this area but I took out one thing of the rating because the weather is not good.
Aside from some package theft in my building, and very very loud neighbors across the street, living in my area has been wonderful and I enjoy the local neighborhood resources. These include parks, pretty side streets, local farmer's markets, and plenty of good restaurants and shops.
The parks are beautiful here, with an abundance of flowers, ponds and small wildlife such as birds and squirrels. One of the parks also has an outdoor ice skating rink in the winter.
I think the housing in my neighborhood is absolutely beautiful- there is not much private parking to speak of, because it is in an urban area, but residents make do. And the houses are lovely, primarily made of old brick with detailed molding.
I live in a pretty safe neighborhood in Boston, so I never feel like my security is directly threatened. That said, I feel a little squeamish walking by myself at one in the morning, but I think that comes with city living, when not many people are on the street.
Well, this winter has been the winter from hell, so it's a rather unusual circumstance. Boston received the most snowfall this year in recorded history- it's April, and there's still snow on the ground! However, the city did the best they could to clean it up, and, slowly but steadily, made progress.
The restaurants are fantastic. Nightlife can be a little touch-and-go, because generally the whole city shuts down by 8:00- it's a quiet place. That said, there are always some late night places you can find, just not as many as there would be in a bigger city like NYC.
I think because Boston is a major city, there are many more job opportunities there than there are in more rural areas. That said, it is not a major hub like NYC, LA or CHI, so some jobs- particularly in the arts, are a bit lacking.
I live near Newbury street, so shopping ranges from fairly mainstream-- (upscale designer stores to chains you could find almost anywhere), to one-of-a kind boutiques, although these can be found mostly on Charles Street. I love the location- it's great to be in such close proximity to one of the major shopping and dining districts of Boston.
There are many work opportunities. There are good opportunities for students in the basic work industry as well as many high experience jobs.
Everything is very open, many people are from other countries.
The local businesses are very high quality with a lot of diversity.