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As stated before, it is said to be the safest neighborhood in New Orleans. The homeowners in the area are all very well off with great careers including doctors and lawyers. Campus police is constantly doing rounds around the neighborhood since we are close to the broadway campus of Loyola and an elementary school. Our home came with surveillance cameras and there are other cameras around the surrounding streets so my roommate and I feel extremely safe in this current apartment.
It is said to be the safest neighborhood in New Orleans. We live about 3 blocks away from both the broadway campus of my university as well as an elementary school. There is constant university police driving around, especially at night, which makes both my roommate and myself feel more comfortable in the area. Our landlord is great and extremely attentive with meeting the needs of the apartment. We could not feel more excited to be spending the next year living there, and hopefully many more to come.
It's okay. Can get crowded
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I live in the city, I don't expect to see that many parks. Audubon is close, and that is nice.
There's a lot of petty theft. Campus is safe.
Reilly, a gym, is close by! Many locals use it.
New Orleans is for those who like food. We have a lot of food here.
There should be more opportunities for jobs on a college campus.
There are announcements that go out stating when crime happens and what areas to stay clear of so that is good.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday its all fine and dandy at 65-75 F then all of a sudden it can drop to 40 on Thursday but it doesn't really get much lower.
I don't know much about the area but I do not see a lot of homeless.
New Orleans is awesome, there is always something to do!
Not bad, enjoy the fact that everything is near by.
It can be great, but it can also be super rain and/or humid
The businesses are pretty average
I'm currently in college. I'm not looking for a job, so I really do not know.