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I love this neighborhood. The people are nice, the schools are good. Shopping is nearby and there is a brand new park that just opened
There are issues in the neighborhood and I choose not to know how bad.
I love my community and it's location.
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Older neighborhood = older houses that come with a lot of charm and personality. The city is developing quickly so a lot of them are being torn down and built into complexes.
There are no local gyms that I know of, no gym chains even. My apartment complex doesn't offer a fitness center either. The most exercise I think most people in this area get is walking to and from the bus stops.
If you can get past the fast food than there are a few hidden gems to be found in this area. A good Mexican restaurant and Pho house.
If you're a high school student looking for your first job then the job market is booming for you. McDonalds, K-Mart, Round Table, Taco Bell, Winco, Wendy's.... you get the idea. They're always looking for people as people are always leaving.
I'm pretty new to the area, I just moved from Washington into Portland, OR. Parkrose is obviously an older neighborhood and set farther away from the inner city. Most things have a pretty limited selection in whatever store you may be in. Grocery stores are also pretty high and dry for any sort of organic produce.
The closest police station and fire department is only a couple miles away and the management is very proactive and uses their resources regularly. During the day the complex is relatively safe but there is noticeable small crimes (drugs, etc.) and at night there are occasional larger crimes that are either prepped for or committed on the property.
If you are originally from Oregon the weather here is adequate. There is plenty of rain, some ice, and of course the cold sunshine.
In the immediate area there is a small number of job opportunities. The majority of work is in chain/fast-food restaurants, Costco, metal-working factories (or equivalent), or minimarts. To obtain a different or higher-paying job you have to leave the immediate area.
The majority of the options for food in this area are either fast food restaurants or big chain restaurants. The small, family-owned establishments are either run-down or low quality. To get decent food I have to either cross I-205 into a different part of town or travel a ways on Sandy Blvd to find somewhere worth eating.
In the immediate area there are few shops and restaurants that I would either feel comfortable entering or that I have entered and found not satisfying. By not satisfying I mean that (1) the service was poor, (2), the food was sub-par, (3) the items were overpriced, or (4) I can never find what i need at that particular establishment. There are many small businesses in the area but I have found few that I would like to support on a regular basis.
The air quality is great, not much pollution but the variety of activities in this area is limited.
There is some crime and people should be aware of their surroundings, especially at night, but people look out for one another in this area.
The fire department is approximately a mile away, their response time is fantastic. The governmental body of Oregon, including local, state, and federal public servants are, for the most part, democrats and have the best interests of the people of Oregon at heart.
It's the Pacific Northwest. There are 4 seasons...summer, rain, rain, and rain.
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Your choices for employment are a convenience store, a few restaurants, a bar, and a small industrial complex.
There are very few retail stores in this area. There is a convenience store belonging to a small retail chain in Oregon and Washington and a privately owned "mom-and-pop" convenience store. The chain store has better sales/cheaper prices but the "mom-and-pop" store has a larger variety of items and familiar employees. There is a bar/restaurant that is of average quality. There are 3 restaurants in the area. A Chinese restaurant that is average, a Thai restaurant/donut shop that is above average, and a Teriyaki/Sub restaurant that can be fantastic or fairly nasty depending on what you order.