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Almaden Valley Reviews

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Best, safest and most affluent neighborhood in San Jose.
Excellent school system. There are many parks and hiking trails as well.
Almaden is a calm neighborhood to live in. The people here are generally pretty nice. For the most part, things are pretty quiet, which is what I prefer. The only thing is that it is very expensive to live here.
Small, quiet neighborhood with good schools. Growing up, there isn't much to do especially if you don't own a car.
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excellent environment and schools, not too close or too far from big tech companies and perfect for family living and raising children
Almaden is a great place with lots of activities and fantastic schools. At night time some people drive really fast, and on Almaden Expressway a lot of drivers are using their phones while driving.
Almaden Valley is generally a safe place to live in. It has three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The administrations of the schools are not helpful at all. The schools are all very close to each other and the housing is very near as well. Thus, the housing may be kind of expensive. The people living here are very neutral; you will meet both rude and nice people. The area is very suburban, there are not many shopping plazas. On average, it will be a five to ten-minute drive to the nearest grocery store. There are also not a lot of restaurants nearby. It is a ten-minute drive to most of the restaurants. The neighborhood is decent.
Having lived here for the last 20 years of my I life I can honestly say that there isn't much that is exciting about this place. Housing is ridiculously expensive, there is perpetual traffic in both directions, our neighborhoods are targets for thievery, ya know...your stereotypical suburbia and overall not any different from any other upper middle class town. If you want to go somewhere that's has more to do than just shopping at a mall, you are better off going to one of our neighboring cities.
Almaden Valley is quiet, safe, and well-kept. There are plenty of parks, trails, and hiking areas available for leisure around the area as well as malls and shopping centers. It is not the most exciting place on its own, but it is a 45 minute drive from Santa Cruz, 1-1.5 hours away from San Francisco, and surrounded by nice restaurants. The school district is highly competitive, but houses are often more expensive for that reason.
There are many friendly people and the neighborhood is very supportive. I would like to see more diversity.
Very safe, clean, diverse, and friendly. Not too much to do besides a few big shopping centers, Old Almaden, and Almaden Ranch and Almaden Plaza.
Great for wealthy families who can spare time to drive their kids around, otherwise SUPER BORING! Crime has gone up as well, 4 of our neighbors have been broken into in the last 3 years.
Generally feels safe, with good schools and a nice atmosphere. Very suburban. Lately increasing nonviolent crime, and historically minimal police presence, but neighbors are vigilant.
It really is just an ok town. It is relatively safe, goodish community, very competitive children and environment and it is SUPER BORING HERE!
Great upscale suburb in Southern part of San Jose. A lot of young families who have access to top schools. Near Quicksilver park for great hiking trails. Fairly safe except for an uptick in home robberies. Plenty of retail nearby.
Cons: Housing cost is million plus so it’s not that affordable. Commute can be long since no nearby freeways. Not as many good restaurants nearby.
Almaden is definitely your typical upper-middle class neighborhood. There's not many restaurant options directly in the Almaden boundaries, but once you leave there are a lot. The traffic is quite bad on 85 and the housing prices are ridiculous, but that is all expected in Silicon Valley.
Almaden Valley is home to the most competitive public schools in San Jose, as such, the price of living is higher than in other neighborhoods.
Almaden Valley was very safe and gave a very homely feeling. It was located very close to nature so it is a very calming place to be. However, the cost to live here is extremely high and many people live in a bubble, meaning that they are not very exposed to the outside world and its problems.
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Great place to live with family. Very upscale, yet casual. Good public and private schools. Some may say it's secluded. A bit far from highway/freeway.
It's great but too expensive if you are just moving here!
It's one of the best places to raise kids!