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houses are very nice, even though they all look the same
really good sense of community; everyone is very friendly
I've never noticed anyone in my neighborhood who wasn't supposed to be there
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Pretty good area to live in, especially for young couples who want to start a family
Baton Rouge, besides LSU, is very cluttered area with a lot to do
Love the ethnic food (seafood, etc.) Also has good mexican places. Everything on perkins rowe is pretty good too. That's usually where I go if I want to eat something.
I rather feel safe walking around but I'm really not. Many places dont have police watch. Around lsu I feel much more safe than away from it . But even then, still have to watch out for party kids
Never see too many people jogging or enjoying physical activities outside other than around LSU. Many places in Baton Rouge the only outdoor activities I see are loitering. Lately there have been many gyms popping up so that's a good thing. And the BREC parks help the community become involved outdoors.
Police and fire stations come in time. Always on the look out. As of public services, it could be better around the low income areas(new schools, public parks, etc.)