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Affordable, low crime, convenient shopping, diverse population, excellent public schools.
We retired from Michigan and have lived here 23 years. Definitely a great place to retire.
The Ahwatukee Foothills neighboorhood is such an amazing and great place to live. Everyone is super friendly and the schools are nice!
if someone says they "love" Ahwatukee... RUN! These people the THE MOST VAPID, DISGUSTING, TRASHY people you will EVER meet!!! It is a godless wasteland with ZERO redeeming qualities. Ahwatukee could be improved if someone were to set the whole town on fire, salt the earth, and build a very tall wall around the ruins.
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I lived in Ahwatukee from the day I was born to my 18th birthday and I would never want anyone else to have this experience. It's an EXTREMELY sheltered white suburb full of bored and racist rich people with zero knowledge of real life. Lookswise it's not the worst in Phoenix but the bar is really low on that one anyways. If you live here you will need to have a car as there is one bus that runs for a few hours a day to a couple stops in town and it always, always at least 20 minutes late. There's few local stores and not many good restaurants. Nothing is open past 10pm except the IHOP on Ray. If you want to do something fun your best bet is to drive 30 minutes to Phoenix or Scottsdale. The people here are boring and rude and will look down on you if you're not as rich as them. The schools are okay for Arizona (but again, Arizona public schools are awful) but the people in them are a different story. High school kids here are not people you'd want your children to be around.
Ahwatukee Foothills in Phoenix, AZ is filled with safe suburban neighborhoods and institutions that are family-friendly. The overall atmosphere of Ahwatukee is calm and family-oriented. There are many parks and recreation areas that offer a multitude of spaces for various activities to take place. Ahwatukee also holds many various businesses and restaurants.
As a seventeen-year-old, I grew up in Ahwatukee Foothills - an incredible sanctuary in Phoenix. I learned to not take the beautiful mountains and scenery for granted. The people are friendly, the hikes are endless, and the homes are gorgeous. There are many kids of all ages, so it's easy to make and stay friends with families in this community. I feel safe almost all of the time, and nature is very important to my happiness, so I love that you can find a hiking trail in almost every neighborhood. I adore everything about living here and will be sad to leave for college in Tucson, but know that I can return whenever I need.
I really like this area due to it having the small community feeling. There are a lot of essential stores and many dining options in the area meaning you do not have to travel far. The schools in the area great. Overall, this neighborhood is a small, safe, and comforable community.
Safe community with good amount of stores and restaurants. Not too far from Phoenix Airport or to Scottsdale Nightlife.
I have been a resident in Ahwatukee for the past 18 years. I have seen this small area of Phoenix grow from dirt and freeways to the family friendly area that it is today. This area is definitely resided by primarily high-income individuals but it overall is welcome to all. In the future, I hope to see more activities and restaurants open past 10 PM.
My experience here has been pretty great. I have lived here my whole life in this community. Everyone is nice and friendly and I feel like I am able to get to know a lot of this community if I don’t know them already. One thing I might change if I could is to make the community more diverse. I believe more diversity could be added to this town. I have loved living in this town and has been a great experience for me
I grew up here and I did not always appreciate it as I do now. In my adult life, I really enjoy the quietness and the family-friendliness of the residential communities in the area. I currently live here with my parents and brothers and it is a good place for us to be. There are plenty of grocers and plenty of restaurants. My favorite parts about Ahwatukee by far are the views, especially during monsoon season. Watching the dust roll in is very romantic. Most importantly, it is very safe. The number of crimes here are very low with the biggest thing be the occasional car break-in because people leave cars unlocked.
The streets aren't always crazy busy, and everything you need from shops, fast-food, restaurants are all just a few minuets away!
Ahwatukee foothills is a beautiful place to live. The neighborhoods are great, and the hiking all around is perfect!
I think compared to a lot of the other surrounding areas Ahwatukee is definitely the nicest. Very low crime rate, nice people, lots of stores and restaurants. More recently I think the kids have been getting more obnoxious but I feel like that's happened everywhere, not just Ahwatukee.
Nice suburb, generally friendly individuals. Grocery stores, different types of restaurants, schools, churches and banks all around. Lots of good places to walk/run and hike. Nice place to raise a family.
I hear things like “All White Tukee” and there is no diversity... the community feels safe, the schools are great, the streets are clean, the parks are clean and the neighborhoods are well maintained. I am glad to live here and welcome anyone that wants to help continue our tradition of community excellence.
Great community and sect of Phoenix. Has everything one would need withing 5 minutes. Great food, businesses, etc.
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I have had a great time being to navigate the town and find a multitude of things to do. Additionally it is convienient to see my friends and being able to study and party as well.
Ahwatukee Foothills is a quiet, but friendly neighborhood. Everyone is respectful and supportive of one another. There are a variety of shops and restaurants that are easy to access. However, Ahwatukee is very small and secluded. Some residents haven’t seen beyond Ahwatukee and done realize there is a whole world outside of this small little community. One day, I would like to see the Ahwatukee community reach out and visit other communities.
I moved from Chicago 16 years ago to Ahwatukee. It was the choice that I made. People are friendly school are excellent. wonderful views of the south mountain.
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