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The area is nice and quiet and beautiful. It felt safe. It’s very family friendly. The schools are amazing. The kids learn a lot and become very advanced. The many family own restaurants near by. It’s a lot of talent around. It’s nice clubs around and nice restaurants. People are so nice and caring of other people.
Muscle Shoals is a nice town and very close to Florence, Sheffield and Tuscumbia. For the most part it is a pretty affordable area. There's not really any night life to speak of but it is only about a 15 to 20 minute drive to Florence which has things such as restaurants, bars, a bowling alley, and movie theater. Overall theres nothing extraordinary about the town or the area but its still a nice place to live.
I grew up in Muscle Shoals and I enjoyed the school systems and the people in the city. I always felt safe and the crime level was very low. I am now raising a little boy here and I feel very safe with him playing outside and meeting new people. There isn’t much to do as far as going out but there are a few restaurants nearby. The commute time is very reasonable. It takes about 5 minutes to get to my son’s school and 7 minutes for me to get to work.
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I love how the community of Muscle Shoals is just a big family. Muscle Shoals is a great small town that is growing. I wish there were more to do though, all we really have is restaurants and a park. All the entertainment is in other towns nearby. The school system is great though. We have one of the best band programs in the state.
Muscle Shoals is a great small town that is growing. I wish there were more to do though, all we really have is restaurants and a park. All the entertainment is in other towns nearby. The school system is great though. We have one of the best band programs in the state.
Muscle Shoals has great schools, awesome people and historical music. The schools rate among the top in Alabama. I am rating 4 stars because of the lack of variety of food. I wish there were more options.
Muscle Shoals, Alabama is a beautiful and close community. With Fame Studios, deep musical history, and breathtaking views, Muscle Shoals brings a history of music, landscape, and nature.
I love Muscle Shoals and the friendly environment. There is no other place I would live. I am glad my family moved here seven years ago. I have made so many close friends in this small town and it always makes me feel safe. Everyone knows each other which is the best part. I would hate to live anywhere else. Muscle Shoals is home to me.
I like the music history that this city has. It is quite safe living here. Although it is very safe, there’s not many activities to participate in. It can be rather boring living here. There are a few nightclubs, but they are not very interesting. They are small and not a lot goes on in them. Me and my friends would walk around Walmart, because ther isn’t much else to do. There isn’t a lot for kids to do.
I love that there are plenty of places to eat amd many things to do. The roads are in decent condition and its super cool that the fame recording studio is right in the middle of it. The biggest problem is the traffic. People are either going way to fast or way to slow. Also there are people that drive very irradically. Not staying in their own lanes and zipping around other cars. And dont put a baby on board sign on you vehicle. I made that mistake and got boxed in almost every day till i took it down. I ended up not being able to get to work on time and almost lost my job because of it. The people here are jerks.
I have only lived in Muscle Shoals for four years but I have lived in " the Shoals area" all my life. Living in Muscle Shoals is very peaceful and private. Out of Florence, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia I would rather live in Muscle Shoals. The only thing I wish would change about my town is that I wish it contained more interesting stores, restaurants, places and activities.
Muscle Shoals is a friendly city. There is plenty of shopping and restaurants available. However, we do not have a movie theater. The closest one is in Florence. There is also an outdoor movie theater in Russellville. It would be nice see if there could be one built here.
I love Muscle Shoals because it feel like a higher end community with great schools and athletics while still having that small town charm located in the middle of an agriculture district.
It is right on the Tennessee river a beautiful place to live as well as a wonderful community to be a part of.
Muscle Shoals is a fantastic community. The one thing I love most about Muscle Shoals is that there is little to no violence. I am constantly looking on television seeing all the crime, and I am so fortunate I do not live in a place like that. Although Muscle Shoals has a smaller variety of people, I believe that because of this we are understand that even though we are different, we are one. We also understand the "one nation under God," and that is what I love most about Muscle Shoals.
Muscle Shoals, AL is a great place to live. I am a resident of Tuscumbia, AL and I live about 10 minutes away. Muscle Shoals is a great city, and there are several jobs and opportunities for the residents. Muscle Shoals is also a great place for retirement. Everyone is friendly, the stores are easy to find, and it is in a great location.
It's a small southern town but sometimes it's too small because there is nothing to do. But when there is something to do sometimes it can get annoying because everyone is there.
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I have lived here all of my life. It's a very quiet town. The school system is excellent, with lots of extra-curricular activities for all ages. It sits on the Tennessee River, with a beautiful marina for fishing, walking trails, and even a gorgeous natural waterfall.
Muscle Shoals, Alabama is a very small city. It is growing with a lot of restaurants. There is not a lot of fun things in Muscle Shoals to do with children . You basically have to go out of town to have any fun . So far I have lived in Muscle Shoals, Alabama for 11 years . It is alor better city than Leighton , Alabama where I reside for 30 years . Muscle Shoals,Alabama does have a library not to far from where I live . The library has a lot of resources and the use of computers. It would be a better place to live only if it had more places to go for children .
Muscle Shoals is a very family-friendly place to live, everyone who lives here is proud of this town, the schools are A+ schools and have a 90%+ graduation rate. Everywhere you go there are places hiring, it's honestly impossible to be broke here, everything is so cheap, food, clothing, rent; It truly is a great place to live, you're not worried about people robbing your house, I gave this town 4 stars because although it is a very safe place to live and the schools are great, this city should seek expansion in the future, if you want to go to the skating rink or the mall, you have to drive to Florence, which is a neighbor of Muscle Shoals, there needs to be more businesses here.
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