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Muncie is a nice place, especially the school. The people are very friendly and accommodating. The environment is relatively safe but it can get so cold sometimes.
It is an okay town, I'd like to see more infrastructure and livelyness of the town. If more business could open up it'd be a much better lively town. there isn't too much to see in muncie, and the quality of the town is poor. a lot of businesses are shut down or going out of business. If more buildings were built on the outskirts of town it'd bring it more together and be better
Muncie is an average town and a pretty decent place to start a family. The town also has a pretty good college in the middle of it and quite a few great schools. However, Muncie does not have a whole lot of atmosphere and a lot of things to do. Furthermore, Muncie is a pretty average place and mostly just filled with restraunts. So if you are looking for a good schooling system or a place to just settle down then I would suggest Muncie.
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I like Muncie a lot I have lived here for about three year and it great, but the only thing that I hate about Muncie is that the main road which were are all restaurants and the store are , is very bad about traffic.
There are not many things to do. A lot of restaurants and stores are old and sometimes dirty. Some neighborhoods are scary.
Growing up in Muncie was a nice and quiet environment to raise a family. Our public school systems and general safety was not a concern. However, this city now is ran down, drugs are swarming the city, the education and safety of our children is daily concern.
Muncie is a small city that needs more culture and diversity. There isn’t a lot to do on weekends outside of visiting the same places and seeing the same people. The school system also needs a lot of work! There are a lot of fast food options, but not vary many vegan or vegetarian options.
Shootings and drugs are becoming a norm. Public city schools are a mess where the state had to take over. It is sad when you see your city on a special series titled Dope.
I've lived in Muncie all my life and would say that overall it's a pretty good town to live in the area is nice and the people you meet are nice and friendly. The public schools recently have had a rough time but I believe they're on the upswing.
Great place to be a college student. Cheap living, cheap school, Division 1 University feel. Bad place to raise a family or advance a career. Low wages, not much opportunity, lots of drugs and crime.
Muncie was once a booming town of industry. It has been on a decline since many of the factories have shut down. Muncie is overloaded with drugs and crime. Ball State University is what is keeping Muncie going.
Muncie isn't as terrible as it could be. There are quite a bit of crimes and drug use but isn't that in most cities. I made amazing friendships and met some awesome people. I got to share the Gospel with people and disciple them. My experience is quite different than a lot of people, I would have to say. I say that because I am a Christian. Not the ones who just post bible verses, and put God first in their bio, but a follower of Jesus. So living in Muncie was difficult at times. People didn't believe what I did, people making comments about the God I love, or my family no believing in Him. But if I didn't follow Jesus my experience would be completely different in Muncie. I would be out running around, doing things that I shouldn't do, and trying to "find" myself. Living in Muncie has been a privilege because I had the honor in loving and sharing the Good News about Jesus Christ. I got to witness lives being changes, and hearts being transformed.
Muncie is not a "happening" place. But if you want somewhere quiet and affordable to live it's good.
My family moved from Atlanta Georgia this pass August, and we have loved every minute of it! People are friendly price of everything is wonderful for a family on a budget and it feels like home! We are happy to be Hoosiers!
Muncie is an interesting place. The city itself is trying to revitalize downtown, but the citizens are fairly rough. The University in Muncie has taken over the public schools and is working to improve them, but there is still work to be done. There are some nice parks in Muncie, but I wouldn't go anywhere off the campus once it is night out.
Would like to see more local businesses in Muncie. Filled with too many chain businesses like Walmart and McDonald's. Not much to do in Muncie as well.
Muncie is a growing town of jobs, homes, activities and more! It offers plenty of family friendly activities as well as affordability when it comes to the costs of those activities, even the cost to live or shop here is great!
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The most attractive thing about Muncie, IN is the University. The locals aren't really that friendly and everything seems so dated. The attractive scenery is about 45 minutes away--Indianapolis--and the public transportation doesn't run long enough.
Small city with decent food. Ball State plays a major role in the community. Altogether not a place to live but a temperary place to stay.
Overall Muncie is a marvel. There are things that just cannot be explained about this town. No matter how many times I have moved from Muncie I am always somehow pulled back. It is a city that is small enough to have a short commute anywhere, but large enough to keep ones mind and body entertained. This city has a few famous affiliations that linger around the town such as the cartoonist of Garfield. There is also an alley named Dave's Alley in the heart of downtown Muncie that has a drop box for letter to be sent to Dave Letterman.
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