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Great area, very diverse, but very crowded. Housing is expensive however they come with good schools and a great downtown.
A wonderful, open-minded community in the Bay Area. Mountain View High has numerous programs that adequately prepare students to succeed in 4-year universities. There are many employment opportunities and community events throughout the year.
I moved from San Jose to Mountain View when I was five years old. From what I recall, it used to be an idyllic town inhabited by middle-class families. Two years later, Google made it the center of its headquarters. Ever since then, the price of living here has steadily risen. Corporate culture has taken over. Half of my friends have been forced to leave the state and the homelessness rates are worsening, all thanks to the ever-rising cost of living that the city refuses to take action against. Furthermore, the elitism is so rampant that one could almost smell it. In no way am I being hyperbolic when I say that the residents will judge you for not living extravagantly, even if you don't have the means to do so. One of my reasons to excel in college is so that I can stay as far away from here as possible. The conformism would only continue to stifle my potential. I’ll give two stars because of its sanctuary city status and appreciation for the minorities suffering from their greed.
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I like that it's a safe and beautiful city. I would like to see some change in housing. It's very expensive for low income families.
I lived in Mountain View for two years. There is just one street called Castro street with the most disappointing restaurants ever. In terms of profession there is no diversity. It’s quite boring to be honest and too expensive for what it offers.
The people tend to care more about themselves than the safety and well-being of others. Most of them are extremely entitled. Whether that's because they were raised like that or they worked to get where they are and slowly became self-indulgent is irrelevant. A person that will run someone over for a parking spot or nearly cause a crash simply because they might miss their exit shouldn't be allowed to drive. That's a pretty typical example of someone from the Bay Area.
Mountain View you can call beautiful.
We have microclimates. A beautiful place, every Street is clean we have lots of parks, we have plenty of excellent Doctors and Dentists. The houses each unique and with character.
Mountain View is a nice, quiet area for families. Not very affordable, and not a lot of nightlife or activity available for young professionals.
Great place to grow up and to live after college. Good restaurants nearby, nice outdoor areas, and plenty of fun local events throughout the year!
The mountain view is a nice place to live in, and the safety of the town is being assured by the police patrol. There is also some good Japanese dining place near the downtown.
Mountain View is a vibrant and growing city located at the center of the silicon valley. The downtown is one of the best of the areas smaller downtown areas and features many restaurants and stores.
Downtown "Castro Street" still has a local-free as many residents come downtown to access services. Parking doesn't feel like an issue. Excellent public transportation hub and short-connection to 2-highways and 1-major expressway. Pedestrian-friendly, sanitized street-maintain; MV City Council's dedication to Urban Design and Planning, beginning in 1981, had excellent foresight for continual population grown. Downtown's new buildings are required to fit into the footprint designed in the 1981 city street-scape improvement.
great location, safe community, very central and easy to get around. the only downside is affordability
I live near downtown Mountain View, very close to the famous Castro Street where much of Mountain View's interesting shops and restaurants are located. Unfortunately, the restaurants have almost universally disappointing food (with some exceptions). I haven't lived in Mountain View very long (about seven months) but I do know that it's a prohibitively expensive place to live. It's a part of what is now called Silicon Valley, and so is inhabited mostly by engineers. Mountain View is very family-friendly, with monthly or bi-monthly open streets festivals with many activities for children. If I was looking to raise a family, this would be an amazing place.
It's a very safe neighborhood. Being in the Bay Area, it is generally an accepting place. In my area in particular, we get a lot of immigrants from China and other Asian countries, as well as some visitors (such as a group of very excited Korean students one Halloween).
It is a pretty town, but is now overrun by all of the tech companies that have boomed here. Too many people and too much traffic. Everything is starting to be built up and this town is not designed for that.
The neighborhood is rather quiet and the people are very nice. The daily commute isn't that bad considering the number of people who come and go at any hour of the day. The downtown areas are usually busy, sometimes a bit "overfilling" and cars are stuck at a previous stoplight a couple times before they can move on to the next stoplight.
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It’s a safe, quiet neighborhood with a great downtown area. There’s a wide array of shopping, convenience stores, and food locations. It's also the heart of Silicon Valley with Google and many other tech companies nearby. However, property prices and rent run high in this area.
There is a lot to do here and it has a little something for everyone. You can go a a bike ride in the park or go to a hack-a-thon at a local cafe.
Good schools, great community, good food choices, fun events, I've lived here for years now and I loved the fact that the community is always out and people you meet are welcoming and everyone wants to be a friend.
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