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My children received a very high quality public education in the Mountain Brook school system, and both were very prepared for their freshman year in college. Our school system sometimes suffers in surveys like these due to the lack of demographic diversity in our neighborhood. However, the test scores and overall academic performance are usually at the top for public school systems across the state.
It's a great place to raise your children in an all white area with absolutely NO diversity. There is a strong sense on entitlement from residents and neighbors. There are some very nice people; unfortunately, those who believe they are above all others ruin the beauty of the Village. It's definitely a keeping up with the Jones' area in Alabama. Property taxes are still reasonable and public services are outstanding. I simply can not get over the lack and the LACK OF DESIRE to have more diversity. The pretentiousness of the women there is absolutely absurd. Again, it's a beautiful area, but at the end of the day; it's nothing more than a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. It's not New York or LA, no matter how much they want it to be, it's ALABAMA.
I have lived in Mountain Brook my whole life and have had a great experience. The schools are very good and the people care about each other.
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I like the houses and the overall feel of the neighborhood - there are often people out and about. The public schools are among the best in the state and country.
I dislike the level of socioeconomic and racial diversity in the neighborhood.
Everyone in Mountain Brook is very friendly and the education is amazing. There are so many opportunities to stay active in the community. My only complaints are that there is a lack of diversity and the lack of street lights. For all of the young drivers out there, it makes it difficult once it gets dark out. Other than that, Mountain Brook is amazing. I could not have asked for a better place to live!
The education is amazing. The teachers are great but the students and the community is full of wealth and outdated societal standards.
Mountain brook is fine, its very good for raising little kids and knowing they will be safe in a nice little community, but as you get older it can sometimes feel like theres nothing left to do, so usually its fun to go down to downtown Birmingham and hang out. I will always love Mountain brook because its small and you don't have to worry about going too far to the grocery store or anywhere really. You basically have everything you need there. The only thing I would say is, if your looking for somewhere were a ton of partying is going on and lots of action but somewhere close to there, I would say try Buckhead Atlanta, only about 2 hours away. But in my opinion mountain brook is a great community with the cutest houses and the nicest people.
Love it! It has been a great community to grow up in, especially living in Crestline. As a kid growing up, I was able to spend most of my time playing in the neighborhood with neighborhood friends. The schools and teachers are exceptional. I am fortunate to have been able to attend a school that strives to prepare you for college. Mountain Brook is a great place to raise your family!
Mountain Brook is a very small town with multiple little villages within it. Anything you need is not too far away. It is about a 20 minute drive to downtown Birmingham. The public school system is fantastic. There is little crime and is pretty quite at night. There is not much diversity; it is mostly a White neighborhood. The houses are nice, but expensive.
Mountain Brook is an affluent suburb of Birmingham, Al with some of the best schools in the country and a very low crime rate. Beautiful Homes and chrming shopping villages with great restuarants
I went to school at Mountain Brook and it was awesome. I wish I could relive the experience. I would defiantly recommend these schools
I loved growing up in Mountain Brook, I always felt safe and there where a lot of different things to do. For example there are lots of restaurants in Crestline village and there are also small stores in all of the 3 major villages in Mountain brook. Mountain Brook is great, but there is not much diversity.
Very upscale family oriented neighborhood with plenty of options for entertainment. The neighborhoods are well maintained and nice and the small town feel is just perfect.
If I could say anything about growing up as a minority in such a rich and well-developed city it's this, Man is it wild. I experienced everything from racism to true community. There were ups and downs to the city overall, but my favorite part was how quickly people would come together to support a cause. Whether it be a local child with cancer or even the case of missing Mountain Brook High School student Natalie Holloway, there was just something about the people there that couldn't just sit still. Ribbons and banners were hung and casseroles left on any needed doorstep. If you're looking for a sense of community and safety Mountain Brook is the place, but if you want a more socially free environment for yourself or your children, stay away, you won't find it there.
It is your average upper-class suburb, so it has both the negative and positive aspects of that. It's peaceful, family friendly, and very very safe. The schools are on a different level than anywhere else although they do lack diversity. Pretty much everyone is friendly, and if they aren't, it doesn't matter.
Mountain Brook is a charming city comprised of three walkable villages. It is an underrated gem of the southern United States!
The friendliest people live in Mountain Brook. Anyone will help you if needed in this community . There is a warm, family feeling all over town anywhere one goes. One always feels welcome at the parks, stores, trails, restaurants and mostly the schools.
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This was a great place to grow up in and great community. Lots of great down to earth shops that have been a part of the community for years and will still be there for years to come.
The police are visible in the city and the community is very safe.
Affluent neighborhood with beautiful homes and yards and excellent school system.
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