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Small town with limited opportunities, but good for raising a family. Fairly safe and decent sized homes, real estate has become a little high lately. Not much to do at night but there are nice hiking spots nearby. The schools could be better.
I have lived and been familiar with Skagit valley for over half of my life. I have grown to love and know so much about the Valley. one of my favorite spots to visit is Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon is the heart of the county due to the beautiful tulips, amazing history and the beautiful downtown area. There is so much to do around and there is so much to absorb and appreciate. I would recommend visiting and even living in the area to anyone.

The community here is very diverse and welcoming to all. You will find fellow peers protesting for equality, you will see we are a Pride filled community and proud. we are a tight community with lots of opportunity to improve yourself, succeed, raise a family, and much more.

I will continue to love and appreciate this area and I hope you could enjoy it too.
Nice little town with diversity unlike the other towns around it. Good food, great trails, and good little breweries.
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Mount Vernon is a small town in Washington state. Though it is not well-known and big, Mount Vernon has its beauties. If you ever go walking downtown Mount Vernon, you get a very happy feeling and a glimpse of the past. It might be the most exciting place to be, this town is the most comforting and welcoming. Mount Vernon is a very diverse town, Mount Vernon Highschool has more than half of the students being people of color. Along with people of color, there are a lot of different languages, especially indigenous languages. In this small town, we provide so much fruits for the world such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries that are picked by our wonderful field workers. Mount Vernon is known by the "tulip town" because of the tulip festival we hold every year. This is a very welcoming town and anybody is welcomed.
I have lived in mount Vernon most of my life and I love it here. There are so many friendly people around. The neighborhoods are so nice and pretty. And there are some good places too eat out with friends and family. There are some fun little stores downtown I love to visit, but I wish there were more to do.
I've lived here my whole life, It's a good area for a family to be. Plenty of parks and things close enough to do. There is a bit of everything because of the rural areas and if you like the busy feel just go into town. The weather always has a variety so you kinda have to be prepared for anything.
Mount Vernon is a very nice city surrounded by nature. I love living near little mountain and all the schools, food, and stores are very close, they're never too far away from where I live. I'd like to see more resources for in need families, even if it does seem like there's a lot already. It just needs a little bit more.
I have lived her all but 5 months of my life. It is a beautiful area that is centrally located between the mountains, the city, and ocean. However, it does rain a lot during the winter months. I like the even temperatures we get all year around. But not having to mow the grass as often as 2 times a week.
Mount Vernon is a small and hard working town. The Tulip Festival brings lots of people from all over the world into this small town in the Skagit Valley. Downtown Mount Vernon was many beautiful pieces of art and successful small businesses.
Mount Vernon is a decent size town that has everything you need tk enjoy your time. The town has some of the major retailers such as Walmart, Safeway, Office Depot and many more. It feels like everything you need is close by. If that's not enough then across the bridge you'll find even more stores, auto shops, and restaurants. Overall I can't find many negative things to say about Mount Vernon. It's been a very connected town and everything and everyone is great for anyone considering living here.
I really like living in MV. The town area has everything I need. Jobs are less plentiful than desirable but it's a small town. It's also 30 minutes from some major job opportunities.
I really enjoy how Mount Vernon gives off a small town vibe. It doesn't have a lot of traffic like in the Seattle or Tacoma area. I love how my little town of Mount Vernon is a mixing pot of all types of activities and people and experiences. I love going to all the markets that Mount Vernon has to offer. The only thing I would change about Mount Vernon, would be to update the buildings.
Everything about Mount Vernon in Skagit County is AWESOME! The people are kind, the land is beautiful and the downtown shops are simple and sweet. So grateful to live here!
Moving to mount vernon was the best decision I have made for myself. I used to live in sedro woolley and i hated it
This corner of Washington is very sweet, with a small-town feel, beautiful scenery, and local berry farms, produce, and wineries to explore! There are some beautiful state parks in the area that make wonderful day trips with plenty of hiking. It's very dog friendly with environmentally conscious people. Seattle is about an hour away so you're able to take advantage of the international airport and other big-city perks. The Tulip festival held annually in April draws tons of tourists and is a sight to see! The area has more conservative people than other parts of Washington and there are issues with homelessness and drug use, but that is increasing globally. There are always pros and cons with everything, but I've enjoyed my time living here so far!
A small town feel, with good shopping plenty of restaurants and parks. Everything within city limits is all easily accessed you can walk bike or bus. The outer limits have dotted lakes and trails for hiking. there is public forests you can enjoy as well
I have lived in Mount Vernon for five years. It's a beautiful town filled with history and community. It appears to be growing quickly.
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I have lived in Mount Vernon my entire life. This town used to be very small and easy to get around but lately I have noticed an overpopulation problem. Mount Vernon is beginning to turn into a hot spot and you can no longer go somewhere without consistent traffic. Other than the rise of people moving here I have enjoyed living in Mount Vernon. Overall there is a lot of nice people here and I feel safe compared to other places in the world.
Mount Vernon is a pretty quiet place where diversity is found everywhere. From the Tulip festival to the Skagit Valley College Annual Pow Wow yearly event. This town is surrounded by beautiful views of Mount Baker and Little Mountain. One of the best things about living here, is that you get to live through every season. In the Fall, you have a beautiful scenery off yellow and orange filled trees, along with rain. The Summers are pretty hot and enjoyable too. There are many places to go cool off in the water. In the Winter, we have had snow and icy mornings. Spring time is filled with beautiful tulips blooming gardens.
There is a common point for everyone in Mount Vernon- They are nice and helpful. The area is also very safe. This is an ideal place to live in if you have a car as the public transport network is not really convenience- they have a loose schedule for buses.
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