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I love living in Mount Pleasant! It is quiet and the neighborhoods are great for walks and biking. It is also close to the beach and Shem Creek, a lively place for food, drink, kayaking, SUP, & more.
I moved here 3 years ago and love it! People are very friendly. I live in a large neighborhood with subdivisions. The neighborhood has bike, running and golf cart paths where people are always outside. I play baseball for my high school which is a very large school. It is very well organized and have excelled during my high school career with academics and athletics. I am extremely lucky and grateful that my parents chose Mount Pleasant to move to .
Mount Pleasant is a safe, family oriented community with great schools. The cost of living is rather high and the traffic on 17 can be a nightmare, but it’s close to the beach and Charleston.
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The town is absolutely beautiful and has a sort of suburban medium city feel to it. The beaches and marshlands are stunning here and the restaurants range from an oyster bar to a classic American restaurant. The options to do in this town are endless but I would suggest jet-skiing its an absolute blast!
Mount Pleasant has been a wonderful place to grow up. The neighborhoods are safe, clean, and friendly. There are a variety of dining and entertainment options nearby, and it offers an ideal community for people of all ages. It is close to the beach, and is just a short drive away from Downtown Charleston and all it has to offer. I would highly recommend this area to anyone looking to live in a neighborhood near a city with several tourist attractions.
The public schools in Mount Pleasant are some of the best. The community is great and the town has a lot to offer for all ages. Only downside is beating the traffic.
Mount Pleasant, SC is a fast-growing town with plenty to offer in terms of suburban real estate. It isn't exactly Charleston in terms of night life, but there is a good system of public schools (a large number of students attend Wando High), especially for South Carolina. Diversity level is fairly low— very mostly white. Many kids get jobs at the local Publix supermarket.
Mt. Pleasant, SC is a wonderful city to have lived in for the past 6 years. There is so much to do here, between fishing, going to the beach, and exercising. Due to the influx of new citizens, traffic has increased and the small town feeling has began to lose it's meaning. However, I do recommend families and retirement age individuals to move to the area. For me being in my early twenties, the city is just not for me.
Mt. Pleasant is a beautiful growing town in South Carolina. It offers opportunities for children with good public schools as well as tons of sports and extracurricular activities.
Mount Pleasant is a growing community outside of Charleston SC that offers excellent schools, arts and community events and provides a safe environment in which to raise a family or retire. The community is beatutiful and has access to other towns that allows one to explore the South Carolina coast with ease. The growth of the community is increasing year over year and this is somewhat distressing as the small town feel has decreased over the last 10 to 15 years. Additionally, the expansion of homes in the area has diminished the natural beauty of the area as more and more tree lined roads have been cleared to add housing communities
Often a far drive to most areas but beautiful scenery. When you do reach the stores they’re all in the same area from food to shopping to even spa or crafts! The distance and traffic only put a damper on your time IF you take the single roads that have limited exits or passing lane room. Crime is not high because cops are always around and accessible! Never smells like drugs etc in housing areas due to the higher standards of families there - not exactly a college kid/student scene. More of a home like feel with multiple parks and wooded areas.
I love living in Mount Pleasant, SC because it is a small town outside Charleston, SC. There are so many things to do here. I especially enjoy being close to the beach. The weather is amzing as well. I would like to see the population growth slow doen, though!
Mont Pleasant is a beautiful city. Lots of the people are very friendly. Lots of construction work to help with the recent influx of people. Roads can not handle the population and there is lots of traffic.
It's a growing community and is close to Charleston as well as other touristy areas. Mount Pleasant has a variety of nice neighborhoods, but they can be on the expensive side.
Mount Pleasant is a wonderful place to live. When I am hanging out with my friends I always feel safe and everyone is friendly and welling to help. There are countless places to have fun and relax on the weekend.
I moved here 20 years ago when housing was affordable (I am a teacher and my husband is an electrician), there was very little traffic, and the people were super friendly. Since then, I have been very disappointed in the change. It seems most of Charleston and its surrounding towns have lost most of it small town charm. It used to be easy to go to Isle of Palms, Sullivans Island, Folly Beach and even Kiawah in a short amount of time. Now, it could easily take double that time because of our new traffic problem. Housing prices are going through the roof and forcing many residents to move away. Along with the growth is the new found "snooty" attitudes we see from the new residents. Don't even think about buying a home on the islands as prices have tripled since we moved here! So sad about all the change. I guess everyone found out about our hidden paradise.
I love the multiple local events that occur throughout the year. The restaurants and shopping are also very satisfying. The beaches and parks also provide good outdoor activities.
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Overall, it's a nice place full of nice people. There is some racism, and some rude people who make it hard to enjoy the town. But most of time, it's very nice, with lots of activities and stores.
Mount Pleasant is a great place to live for those with a family and ones that are just starting out. It is in a wonderful school district with several different options for parents to look through. There is also a recreational department near by called the R.L. Jones Center so after school actives can easily be found for children. As for the parents Town Center Shopping area is less than 10 minutes away with delicious restaurant options. You would be hard press not to find something that pleases everyone within the family.
Mount Pleasant is a very safe, fun place to both visit and live. There are many of places to dine, relax, and have fun.
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