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I grew up in Mt. Laurel and have loved everything about it. I would’ve like a main street or place to meet up with friends but there was never a lack of things to do. It’s close to the city so it’s your typical suburban town but with the added joys of the Jersey Shore in the summer. The schools are amazing and I’ve had nothing but great experiences.
I enjoy the diversity in Mount Laurel. The police officers make an effort to protect their citizens and they put our safety first. The park is a great place to go if you have kids or want to enjoy the sun with some friends. Something I would change is the condition of the roads. There is one toad near my house that has been under construction for almost a year now and it is extremely dangerous to drive on it during the night.
Great town, amazing school district, moved here after my divorce and it was the best choice I could have made for my children.
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Mount Laurel is a small, quiet suburb of Philadelphia with great schools and a diverse population. It has close proximity to major cities and a safe atmosphere. It is also home to the community college which makes education very affordable for its residents.
I grew up in Mount Laurel and have always enjoyed my time here. It is located close to Philadelphia as well as the Jersey Shore. There is plenty of shopping centers and things to do in close proximity. Traffic can be hectic but Mt Laurel is a central hub to major roads and has a lot of commuters in the area.
It’s okay. It is a town full of some nice people and partiers. Definitely a predominately white town and upper middle class town. Not much to do at night, lots of parks.
I have lived here my entire life and it is a very nice town to live in. They are many houses and renovations going on currently. The schooling is good, however the highschool is not in mount laurel.
Mount Laurel is a great town to raise a family in. I have lived here my entire life. The public schools are very up to date- with priorities in safety, technology, and learning. Additionally, there are a good amount of places to go out at night (Centerton Square is nearby). The police also do a great job of keeping our town safe, and are very involved in the community. Many businesses are also located in Mount Laurel, so there are a lot of job opportunities available.
Mount Laurel is a great town to reside in due to its friendly neighborhood atmosphere, superb school system, and its close proximity to the city of Philadelphia.
Mount Laurel is a wonderful town in NJ. The apartments and schools here are really modern and provide great hospitality.
I have lived in Mt. Laurel for over 30 years, it is very sad that the low income, or affordable housing has ruin this community, the township council has approved all this building over the objection of the community, school ratings, which at one time was one of the reason many resident moved here, has slid in ratings, with drugs, bulling, and other problems going uncorrected.
I love living in Mount Laurel. Its a clean, family oriented community. The schools are good and there is a decently diverse socio-economic and racial population. Its a great place to raise kids and its only 20 minutes from Philadelphia, 2 hours from NYC and DC and 4 from Boston.
Mount Laurel Township is full of friendly faces who are always ready to help out. Neighbors offer their time, and employees are always with a smile.
Mount Laurel is a great town to live in! Community is friendly, everyone knows everybody. Overall, town is great with plenty of local stores, activities and an overall school district.
Beautiful clean town. Great place to live. The school systems are phenomenal and overall it is a safe town to live in
What I like about Mount Laurel is that it is a safe neighborhood. Being a young adult and living on my own for the first time was not easy at first but living here made me feel safe and comfortable to be on my own.
I've lived here my whole life and I've had a completely average experience It's not EXCELLENT but honestly it's pretty good!
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Mt. Laurel is a friendly, family oriented town! I've lived here for 15 years and we've been very happy. My kids attended the Mt. Laurel school district then on to Lenape and we've been very happy with the education that they received. There are many parks and walking trails in town with are great for family time.
Mount Laurel Township has a top-notch school system. The taxes have remained relatively static in all the years I've lived here. Housing options are varied and plentiful. There is no town-center, but there is a lovely park, community center and a great library. There are many clubs and activites to get involved in.
Mount laurel is a great town. No matter where you live, you are close to almost anything like stores, shops, restaurants... everything! The roads never really get jammed and you can always take 295 to get from one side to the other. The only downfall about mount laurel is that they are constantly building low income housing any chance they can get which has brought in some interesting people as well as kids to the mount laurel high school. The school is very crowded and packed and recently has been a place for fights in the hallway and smoking in the bathroom.
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