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I have lived in Mount Juliet since birth, so I have a special place in my heart for this city. I really like that it has maintained its small town feel in the midst of all of the growth, as it is one of Tennessee's fastest growing cities. I would like to see more small businesses succeed, rather than just the big names. My family has owned American Jewelry Co in Mount Juliet for 45 years, and we have seen many mom and pop businesses come and go.
Cute town, however lack of places to go and things to do. I would recommend if looking for a good place to start and raise a family.
Mount Juliet is good and full of rewarding experiences and fun communal activities. The schools and facilities are of high caliber and the people are full of kindness and helpfulness.
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Mount Juliet is such a great place to live. The growth has been amazing but not so much that development has overrun the city. It’s a quiet and cozy town.
It's a very laid back community. It is very clean and safe. It is a bit pricey but there are many benefits of it. There is not a lot of diversity. It's a very fun community and the public school is great .
Mt. Juliet is a great town to grow up in, but not live in as an adult. It boasts many amenities of a larger city without the negative effects that come with an extremely urban area. We have a variety of chains, from retail locations such as Target to dining like Chick Fil A and Starbucks. We have movie theaters, malls, and anything in between. However, most work comes from Nashville, and a commute in the mornings is about an hour drive. Thus, my reasoning for "not as an adult" comes in. Overall, it's a great little town that lacks the major job opportunities that Nashville has.
Mount Juliet is a very well growing city, we have so many people and great schools to attend. It is also a very safe environment.
Mount Juliet is GREAT for young families. The people here genuinely care about the well being of others. It is a booming city with a "small town" feel. The city continues its growth with its continued development of Providence Marketplace as well as the addition of new schools to accommodate for the population growth. Traffic isn't great--especially around N. Mt. Juliet Road/Providence. Emergency services are prompt and respectful. The town is full of mom-and-pop shops, so shopping local won't be a problem. There are many job opportunities for high school students, and not so many opportunities for adults. As an adult, it's likely you'll have to travel outside of Mount Juliet to find work.
Everyone is friendly and it is clean and most importantly safe. The schools are good quality, the roads are decent, and there are plenty of places to shop and eat.
Mount Juliet is a really nice place, good place to buy a house and raise a family.
The people here are friendly and the public schools are very nice and have a lot to offer to the students.
I like living in Mount Juliet because it is not as expensive to live here as it is in Nashville, but it is still very close, which means that there is a lot to do nearby. The schools are also really good, with many extracurricular activities, and an excellent gifted program.
Mount Juliet is a city right outside of Nashville. It is in the top of growing cities across the nation. A wonderful community to be apart of, kids being raised with southern values, but also can grow their own thoughts and opinions and not be judged. I have grown up here all my life and I am so glad to be blessed with the opportunities and people who have been apart of my life because of Mount Juliet
I enjoy living in Mount Juliet. I feel safe in the Mount Juliet area. It has great schools and lots of local shopping. I would like to see a mall close by
I love it here. It's so nice and the people are pretty great. The schools are awesome. There's a lot of diversity and the houses are beautiful.
Mount Juliet is what you would expect from a small southern town. There is not much to do besides go to restaurants and the movies. It is safe, though. Almost everyone in the town in friendly. I know the schools are great. They are some of the top in the state. But the people here are very conservative, and it isn't the most diverse of a place. Being close to Nashville is what makes it better, but that is also making the city is grow like crazy.
Growing up here was not the easiest. In this town, there are many small minded people who do not see the bigger picture. I know it is partially because we live in the south, but with the exponential growth here lately, I would think it would start to change. I would love to see more up-to-date places that are modern and appeal to young people. Besides that, Mount Juliet could be a good place to start your life. By using social media, there are ways to connect with people who have similar interests as you. As time goes on, I believe Mount Juliet will grow into a more accepting community and have a better understanding of world problems.
This is a very close-nit community where everyone is very peaceful and gets along. The school system is amazing and no child is left behind.
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Mount Juliet still has the small-town feel, while being considered a suburb of Nashville. Mount Juliet has great shopping, some amazing restaurants, beautiful neighborhoods, friendly people, and the absolutely best police department you will find. The MJPD officers are always willing to help you; they are professional and courteous. Overall, Mount Juliet is a great place to live and a great place to visit, in the unfortunate event that you don't live here.
Living in Mt. Juliet is just okay. After you finish eating, you find yourself questioning what to do next. It's a great place, but there's not much to do around. If you like food and shopping at department stores, this is a great place to be!
Mount Juliet is a growing town with plenty of nice people. The town has lots of things to do and the community is great. For a high school student, there is also lots of community service opportunities and job opportunities alike. The schools here are great as well. Mount Juliet High School is a top ranked school with the academic success to back it up. Overall, MJ as we call it, is a great place to be!
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