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a bit of a drinking culture around here. it's very much a small town that seems sweet on the outside but everyone gossips about everyone else's business. there are still quite a few very good people who live here and it has some beautiful parks around it and the military ridge running through it!
I love the community and how everyone works together. The school system is great and I love all the festivals and everything that you can get involved in with the community is great!
It's just normal nothing to fancy. It's a cute town for someone who might not live here or visit here often. But, it's a bit boring if you're not a school student or work here.
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We are the town of trolls. The restaurants have great quality food and are in ideal locations. Everyone in town is nice and welcoming to newcomers. We are in a great location outside of Madison.
I really enjoy the small town of Mount Horeb I live in. I wish Mount Horeb had a little more diversity, but that is normal since it is such a small town.
After having grown up in Mount Horeb, I believe it to be the ideal small town community. The community is close knit, and many families have lived there for generations; it's nearly impossible to not run into an old friend while out and about. Children grow up together in the schools, and due to the safe environment and low crime, it's perfectly safe for children to roam the town playing with their friends.

The only downsides to Mount Horeb are the lack of nightlife options, and low levels of diversity. However, over the last decade the population has increasingly become more and more diverse, and a few more nightlife options have opened up. Thankfully, Madison is only a 30 minute drive away, and there's always something to do there.
I graduated from Mount Horeb High School. It is a good school district. There is plenty of nature trails near the area.
There is the occasional drunk driving but outside of that, I hear very little in the way of crime. Overall, Mount Horeb is safe town. I have never felt unsafe in any area at any time.
I couldn't imagine a better place to rise children. The streets are wide and welcoming, with a bike trail that goes right through town, and there are endless options for ways to be active with many parks in and around the area. The school district supplies endless opportunities for growth and there is a Culver's in town. Could one ask for anything better?

How about a vibrant main street with thriving local shops and restaurants to fit every little niche? If that isn't enough, the craved wooden trolls that line the street are more welcoming than they look.
Basically all of the neighborhoods are very friendly and safe, and the houses are good quality throughout this area.
There are jobs available, but they aren't always in people's specialties.
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