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Very nice! People are extremely nice here! It’s got that small country town feel to it, but with enough things to do so you aren’t bored! Overall I love living here!
Moulton is not all that bad. The people are, for the most part, friendly. It is beautiful in the country. However, it is small, so everyone knows everything about everyone. As a teenager, there is also not much to do on the weekends because it is very small. We are growing and more businesses are opening though.
If you enjoy the country and friendly people you will love Moulton! Bankhead National Forest is just right up the road and has so many breathtaking attractions as well as many hiking and hunting opportunities.
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Moulton, Al. what can I say? It's a small town but a great place to live in. Most of the kindest and caring people I have ever met resided in Moulton. I believe great things will happen in Moulton in the near future. It is home to me.
Its a quiet little town where everyone knows everyone. The cardinal is the best place to eat by far.
Moulton is a small town, blink and you will miss it...but it has the small town charm that you can't get in a bigger city. Everyone knows everyone and everyone pitches in to help when needed. Downside to small town is there isn't much to do besides parks and sports....but, outdoors-men(women) have the Bankhead National Forest right in our backyard. We are also centrally located to visit big cities around us such as: Huntsville, Decatur, Florence...for malls, movies and other sources of entertainment. Great place to raise a family!!
Moulton is a quaint town with a revamped city square. New businesses are moving to town. Lawrence County High School has a wonderful athletics program with numerous state runner-up and state championships. They've also built a brand new gymnasium.
Very small town with good neighbors and friends, everybody knows you and your family, if you needed help there would be someone there to help
Moulton is a very small and sweet town. The majority of the people in Moulton are quite nice, but there is not many places to get a job in town as an adult. If I could change anything I would add jobs and things to do for younger people.
I do not believe that crime is a big problem here. In fact, I feel extremely comfortable with where I live.
I feel that there are too many selfish people around this place that only strive to get what they want. This is especially obvious in the education system. The older I got the more I realized that it was not what I thought it was at all.
Moulton is a wonderful place to be a resident. I plan on staying here as long as I can. It is quiet, not too busy, the people are friendly, and I feel safe here. Moulton is small enough to where you know almost everyone you come across.
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