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The store starting to look real junkies and you combine Family Dollar with Dollar Store not enough employees had to wait for a check out person cuz they're busy trying to straighten up the stock to get it out of the Isle and the store so big they can't see we rang the bell we still had to wait but they did eventually show up interested in intersectional politics
The community shared a strong bond, and the nearby coastline cities are gorgeous. Although improvements could be made regarding structural appearance in Moss Point, everything else seems to be fine.
Moss Point, Mississippi is a family friendly environment where people feel at home and safe. There are not too many people, but it feels as if everyone knows each other and gets along. There are plenty of rivers and outstanding school districts. One thing I would change about Moss Point would be the amount of places it has. There are very few places to go to eat or just hang out. In order to go to the movies or go shopping, one must go to Mobile, Diberville, or Biloxi which is not a short drive. I love it here, but that would he the one thing I would change about Moss Point.
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Moss Point is an okay place to live I have lived here my whole life. The schools are decent but could be better. There are not a lot of jobs in the area that is why I am going to college to get a degree and move somewhere were jobs are not so difficult to find and keep without being laid off.
Moss point is a small nice town, but with a very strict and not all together school system. There are not many things that are available to do for entertainment purposes in town.
I like the different places to eat and how kind most people are to each other. It's a very home grown sort of town where everyone knows each other. The only thing I would like to see improved is more shopping, food, etc. Moss Point is a nice place to live.
It's a relatively quiet town, in my view. While that isn't to say that nothing at all happens here, it's generally a place many go to retire and relax, so if that's what you're looking for it's a good place for you. For those looking for something extra, I'd consider someplace else.
The drug activities, the thief in our area.the job opportunities, the sorry court system we have and the sheriff's department, it's a lot that needs to be cleaned up in moss point.
There's not much I really like about Moss Point. The crime rate is growing by the day and there have been at least four murders in the past three weeks. I plan to move as soon as I graduate school.
Moss point is a great small town to live in. The people are nice and you learn the value of life. It certainly push you forward to achieve any goal you put your mind to.
Moss Point is Developing town with a Rich culture, we are often portrayed as a town of violence by the media, but the residents of Moss Point know otherwise. We are home of the Tigers and The River City.
Moss Point is a city for retired and elderly citizens..Moss Point need more job opening and opportunities because there are so many young people that just hanging out because there are either no jobs or they don't have the skills that qualifies them for a job.
I love the school. The teachers are there to help you. Will do anything to help you graduate. School do need to endorse in some new books. The neighborhood is rough. They need new street and put a shopping center closer.
Moss Point is a very small town but the community is very unified and friendly. There are always family events that occur each month within the community. It's a great place to live if you enjoy rural areas.
It is not the greatest but it is not the worst place I have lived
Police are not around much. When there are crimes going on then you will see them. Recently there has been a lot of crime and death going on in the area. I am ready to get away from it. I sometimes don't feel safe in the community,but due to the fact that I've been here my whole life I am still able to walk around with no problems.
I have been living here all of my life. It is peaceful and quiet. Not much really goes on. School is okay. I am just ready to branch out and do more and learn more.
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This is my home town, so of course i have a overall love for this area. If i had to choose to live anywhere else or do it all over again i would do it in Georgia.
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