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Morton Grove has a friendly environment that was great to grow up in. The carnival comes into town every 4th of July, and it is an awesome event to look forward to.
The only good thing in Morton is Niles West, park district preschools and park district programs. Other than that, highest property taxes in the north shore even though it’s the worst town in north shore, most white parents ( I am white myself) were ignorant trash and clicky somehow, there is a lot of bullying going on among kids as a result of parents being bullies themselves. Literally the most boring town I’ve ever lived in. The residents rudeness shows on the way they drive too where they cut you off without even turning theirhead tolook. The villagehall staff in particular is the rudest obnoxious I’ve ever seen. They would neversend me the water bill but they would sendme when itwaspast due so I started paying it online so I wouldn’t belate. Thankgod my youngest finished highschool so I canrun thehell out of there. They just announced another taxincrease.
I love Morton Grove. I was born and raised in Romania until I was 11 years old. After that, we moved to Skokie Il a few times. But it never felt like home. When I moved to Morton Grove I felt like this is the place that I can finally call home and enjoy. Morton Grove gave me the opportunity to feel safe in the neighborhood.
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Morton Grove is an extremely diverse neighborhood with access to a solid public school. The only downside is the lack of business which plaque the vacant streets.
Awesome place to live. Close enough to Chicago yet far enough away. Family oriented town. Great schools. Taxes are high but you get great service!
It is a quiet area with friendly neighbors. There are plenty of places to go in the area with friends or going out for food. Things are close and safe with plenty of job opportunities and things to do.
Diversity of restaurants, services, and grocery places. would like to see more clothing/department stores and lower costs on property taxes
Great schools. Like a small town in a big city. Lots of diversity on several levels. Invoked parents and great public services. We have the best fastest snow plowing of anywhere I’ve lived!
Morton Grove is a very clean and safe neighborhood. Our suburb is also diverse and home to people from all background who can peacefully co-exist and experience a top notch education at Parkview Middle School and Niles West High School, local schools.
Morton Grove is a family orientated community. The school system is great.many parks within the community.
Morton Grove is a great place to live. There is so much to offer from this lovely community. With great schools, an abundance of restaurants and shops, access to public transportation, a beautiful forest preserve, and a strong sense of community, I highly recommend Morton Grove as a place to live for those looking outside of the city.
You wouldn't want to live here. First property tax is higher compared to Niles and Skokie that's why most retail stores are moving to Niles. Library is old compared to Niles' new and spacious library. So many restrictions when it comes to remodeling and adding to your house and backyard.
I love living in Morton Grove because it is so close to the city and yet so close to all the other suburbs too. I don't always like being in the city, so living so close gives me the retreat I need so I can be in the city when I want and then relax when I'm not. Although it's not a city, Morton Grove is definitely an active community filled with diverse amounts of people. It may be small, but it's so close to Niles and Skokie that they all add to the Morton Grove experience.
Morton Grove has an excellent school system that is highly ranked. Safety is not something I worry about, either. Police officers make themselves conspicuous in this city. Location is convenient as well, as the Metra and CTA stations are near. If one prefers to drive, expressways are easily accessible as well.
I've lived here my whole life aside from college and after I leave home. It's a nice small town in the Chicagoland suburbs. I would recommend new families to move here, since that's what my parents did.
Morton Grove is a great suburb outside of Chicago, IL. A tight knit community! I would like to see more diversity activities created throughout to get to know everyone's history. I do enjoy the free workshops that the Morton Grove Park District and Morton Grove Library offers. I would like to see more done in the future.
Morton Grove is a well maintained, nice suburb not too far from the city. The local schools are very good and focus a great deal on college. The local parks and pool are very well maintained. Commuting and transportation are also convenient; the community lies right next to the Interstate 94, 10 minutes from Interstate 294 and the Metra is just in the center of town. Downsides are the property taxes. Property taxes are way too high. There is also limitation on large homes; homes in Morton Grove tend to be 1700 square feet and under with a few exceptions. This is an issue because the community is a family community and the lack of square footage within homes limit real estate availability.
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Morton Grove is very family friendly and community oriented. Morton Grove has a variety of things for people to do including shopping and dining, as well as community activities such as farmer markets and free outdoor concerts. Local businesses are supported by the community, as well as the local schools. The school district is perfect for a child to be raised in, and the school faculty is very nice and accepting. Anyone would be lucky to be raised or live in Morton Grove.
I've lived my entire life in Morton Grove. It is a safe, well connected town. The public schools are great and everything you need is near by.
Morton Grove has a great home town family feel. Parks and fields are well kept. Restaurants are building in the area creating more jobs!
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