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Morrisville is really nice and welcoming, and it's a pretty quiet suburb. It's a very calm place to live.
Overall Morrisville has not been a bad town to live in. Would recommend living here if given the opportunity.
Morrisville is a great area to live in. Everything from groceries to clothing to food everything is found very conveniently. People are extremely friendly and helpful around here. The schools are all high rated and nice. The safety is also pretty good here. Multiple job opportunities are also available for almost all sorts of professions. I highly highly recommend living in this area.
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A strong economy, educated population, attractive residential areas, and low unemployment rate make Morrisville an ideal place to live. However, I would like to see the cost of living reduce below the national average.
Its a nice and quiet neighborhood, but expensive than any other cities. Schools are average here, and businesses are good. There is no college in this area other than wake tech community college, but its good here. Wish to more public transportation, this is a city where you need to have a car. Without a car, you won't be able to travel anywhere. Not even at the nearest grocery store.
It is a nice place to live in and is very beautiful! There are grocery stores everywhere! It has a lot of diversity!
Morrisville a great place with a bunch of parks and recreation sites to hang out. There are great, friendly people and commute is also very easy and fast.
Having lived in Morrisville for about 7 years now, my involvement with the community has fortunately felt highly sociable in many ways; these include neighborhoods' abilities to generate events effectively and quickly, while also developing habits that continue our community to engage in conversation through healthy media and in-person locations.
Morrisville is very clean and fresh-looking! It's homey and very diverse. I have recently moved here for work and it was very easy to find my current job. Many people commute to Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill to work as well. I like how Morrisville is right in the middle of the triangle, so everything is in easy access! Morrisville offers many wonderful places to eat as well, and a lot of them are privately owned so you get authentic meals. If you are more interested in night life, downtown Raleigh is just down the road, and makes for an easy way to go out with your friends.
I have lived in Morrisville for about 6 months now. The area is safe, clean and coming from Atlanta, GA, the traffic is very tolerable. My favorite part of living over here is the amount of green space and walking trails. There are a few state parks nearby as well.
Morrisville is an amazing town to live in, I have been here my whole life and I have few complaints about the area. It is a nice balance between a small town and a big city and my only complaint it the low ratio of schools to neighborhoods.
I really like the town of Morrisville. I think it's a diverse and growing city filled with people from all backgrounds. The citizens of Morrisville are truly devoted to making it the best possible place that it can be.
I like the neighborhood in which I live and the friendly people that live near me. The police in the Morrisville area are very nice. I love the activities that are present.
Morrisville is a family friendly community with very well manicured parks and beautiful scenery. There are plenty of shopping centers and grocery stores that are very well maintained and, the people here seem to care for their community by trying to keep it clean. I just moved here about three weeks ago from Colorado but i feel a tighter sense of community here and can definitely tell a difference in the people i encounter everyday. Everyone here is friendly and willing to strike up a conversation just in passing. I would have to say that Morrisville is a nice place if you are looking to settle down and start a family.
Morrisville is one of the first places I experienced when I moved down south! This city has blessed me with the opportunity to work with young children! It was the city that welcomed me and helped me to navigate when I had no idea where to go! There are many restaurants and shopping centers near each other that made it very helpful and convenient.
I love Morrisville. It has so much to do many shops and stores movie theaters restaurants banks buildings . It is beautiful and easy pleasant place to live. It is bigger than most people think and the RDU Airport is in Morrisville. Lots of Indian restaurants and residents. It is a truly amazing place. Only thing is that there are narrow lanes.morrisville is growing.
A nice community. Met a lot of great, helpful people.
I don't like that they are cutting down a lot of trees and there's a lot of development going on.
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Morrisville is a very good town, and even though it is small, it has a lot in it, the whole airport of Raleigh-Durham is in Morrisville, it has many houses, shops, restaurants, grocery stores, banks, there are also lots of Indian restaurants and stores
Traffic is very difficult, as it continues to grow and more houses/townhouses are being built. They have great green ways to help with healthy living.
Morrisville is a nice quiet town that’s steady growing. It’s quiet enough that you don’t get the hustle and bustle of Raleigh but not too quiet that you feel like you are in the boonies
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