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It is a small but growing city with many fun things to do. With the Arkansas River close by and the train station there too, it makes for a small town feel but with bigger city attractions.
The community is very opening. There is no crime and it is a peaceful town. The schools are great, I have went here for my whole life and never had a problem.
No jobs horrible social scene poor education serious meth problems the gas companies have ruined the environment overall not a good experience.
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As a resident of Morrilton for the past twelve years, I can safely say it is one of the best towns in Arkansas. The schools and public life is always amazing. The law enforcement is always on top of running the town. I am so proud to have been raised in Morrilton, Arkansas.
Peaceful, quiet town. Can feel boring, not much to choose from for shopping or entertainment. Good schools, low crime, but most people seek work in other communities.
Morrilton is a small town with all the necessities, low traffic roads, good restaurants, and an upcoming art scene. Only 20 minutes from Arkansas Tech University or University of Central Arkansas.
I used to live in Morrlton for a year. The people were nice and friendly. I really enjoy living there
Morrilton is a great community to live work and play. We are a safe community with great public and private schools we offer a community college and a great hospital. Great traffic flow. we are twenty minutes from a larger town with great shopping.
i like it here . i have been here for 6 months it has place to eat ,park for the kids people are friendly here if you get a chance stop in
I like Morrilton. It's a small town but it is within an hour of many larger towns like Little Rock. This town is safe and the rent prices are low. It's great!
I grew up in Morrilton Arkansas many years ago and have seen a lot of changes over the years. At one time the town had more to offer in terms of work. There have been several different industries opened there and for some reason failed and had to close their doors. This is most likely due to the fact it is such a small town. With larger towns nearby it makes it convenient to shop, work and find entertainment elsewhere.
On the other hand, many students are choosing to attend the college in Morriltown because it is cheaper. UACCM offers tuition for about half the cost of larger universities. This gaining popularity has allowed the college to grow and therefore helps the town to thrive.
It would be my wish in the future to see a couple good businesses that can offer a fair wage come back to Morriltown again. Since more people are coming to college here and if new business would come to town, Morriltown could possibly grow.
Violent crime is almost nonexistent. There is a lot of petty crime and drug issues.
Morrilton is small town community. There is a growing expansion in education but a lack of employment opportunities.
Small town... You have to get out of town to get a GOOD job. But some do have really good jobs in town. Just depends.
There are a lot of tornadoes in changing seasons, but hey, it's tornado alley. Can't go hardly anywhere in central Arkansas without hitting it. When it rains consistently for a while it will flood in some areas but not too terribly bad. During the summer we will hit a drought time, it can be terrifying. Earthqakes are just about happening everywhere.
Some really good liquor stores and restaurants with bars. A lot of fast food. Some really good restaurants.
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