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I would like to see the drug addiction problem go down. Many students are getting hooked on drugs which causes the environment to be a bit negative.
Morgantown is a gorgeous city located right on the Monongahela river. I would recommend it to anyone just driving by but especially for college students! WVU is a gorgeous campus spread throughout downtown Morgantown that has wonderful programs and people! Morgantown also has a lot of stores and restaurants to spend time and money at for anyone visiting, Morgantown is also surrounded by so many amazing activities in the rolling hills of West Virginia!
I love this town. The small-town feel and natural surroundings are wonderful. Some improvements I'd like to see though is work on the infrastructure of the town. Roads are terrible, traffic is a nightmare, and public works drastically underfunded.
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The town is extremely pretty, and the people are friendly. However, the roads are terrible, which is why I took it down a star. They are very narrow and full of potholes.
I love that Morgantown continues to grow each year and more job opportunities arise from it. The Mountaineers are our football team and do fairly well each year. There's also our basketball teams that are very good and it's never dull moment around the area. If i like the outdoors it's a beautiful area there's lakes and places to camp. All in all its almost Heaven!
I like that it's a D1 college town, it's extremely spirited and built on the community of WVU. There are multiple restaurants that are local to Morgantown. The shopping has improved in the past six years but we are very close to Pittsburgh if we need more extensive stores. We are also close to the Nation's Capital.
It is a college down so during the school year the roads are packed with traffic. There is a lot of partying in houses and downtown at the bars and clubs. There are a lot of places to go eat, which is a plus.
The mountains are a beautiful site to see. It is very peaceful and quiet in the area where I live. The people are full of positivity.
Good nightlife as well as friendly population, though the roads are horrid. The public school system has biases against schools with more money since certain districts have been stacked with wealthier households per capita. The town could be a lot nicer if there was an even distribution in roadwork and keeping things aesthetically pleasing throughout the whole town instead of certain parts.
Own community, easy to fit in with different things to do. College town so if your a student it’s very ideal.
Morgantown is a great area that has a lot going on within the city limits. West Virginia University is the land grant university and represents the city nicely.
The only thing that could change is how 'trashy' everything seems. Litter is a big problem in the city and doesn't give a good outlook on Morgantown.
I absolutely love Morgantown. Despite the cities reputation of only being a party city due to the University, there is much good within the city regardless of the idol made out of partying.
Morgantown is a college town, so it's highly centered around the university. Therefore the population is more on the younger side. The university is also known to be a party school. Sporting events are very important around here. However the public schools are very good and the town is pretty family friendly. I believe the town needs healthier places to eat as well have more health stores. With two major hospitals and Mylan, job opportunists are pretty great. Traffic can be a mild problem from 3-5 pm in the Evansdale and downtown area.
Rails to Trails is fantastic. Lots of amazing outdoor adventures, including biking, hiking, kayaking, camping, and fishing. Its close proximity to Pittsburgh, allows you ti take advantage of an international airport and cultural events without having to live in a metropolitan area. Morgantown is the home of West Virginia University, which makes traffic challenging downtown when students are here, but also provides excellent education, medical, and cultural opportunities, in addition to a variety of resturants and shopping experiences.
Morgantown is a college town because it is where the heart of West Virginia University is located. The town overall is safe and there is a lot of diversity found here because of the college bringing people from all across the country. However, the price of living is rather high because of the closeness to the college campus and some other major cities that are only an hours drive away. During the Fall through the Spring, when the college students are in town, the nights are buzzing downtown with people out and about in downtown Morgantown.
I lived in Morgantown for almost 3 years and it’s a love/hate relationship with this town. I liked the small town feel and the school spirit for the university but coming from the south it lacked that southern Appalachian culture I have been use to. The residents aren’t very friendly not a lot of local restarunts outside chain restaurants.
The economy/job market is so heavily dependent on the university, hospitals, and the local pharmaceutical company that has laid off employees pretty much every year I lived there that makes Morgantown’s economy for good paying jobs precarious.
Real Estate is overpriced for what you get considering the fact that the job market isn’t really that good and there aren’t a lot of local amenities that make this area attractive. The public school system isn’t great compared to national standards.

Don’t recommend moving to this area unless you have a stable job at the university or hospital. Otherwise be careful moving here.
I like that they have built a lot more businesses such as restaurants and places to shop. I feel like I have more of a variety than when I first moved here. I would like to see the roads change. A significant amount is taken out of my paycheck yet my car will still suffer from alignment issues due to the multiple large potholes.
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Morgantown has great opportunity available with major companies growing in the area but is still a small town (non-overwhelming) feel.
Morgantown is a great city. Everything is at your finger tips and five minutes away. Traffic is almost always awful and the roads are awful.
Morgantown has restaurants and stores with locally grown food. The lives music scene is one of the best I've ever seen. With so many different cultures packed into one spot, majority of what you want to learn can be made available to you.
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