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I like all the food options and all the sports events that take place at WVU. Lets Gooo Mountaineers!!!
The town could use some clean up, and the opium problem addressed. There is also a problem, albeit smaller than many areas with racism/bigotry that I have noticed.
I love how there's a little bit of city and a little bit of country here in Morgantown. When the traffic isn't bad you can get around town pretty quickly.
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As a student living in Morgantown, I think the best thing about it is the nightlife! Morgantown basically caters to student nightlife. The bars are always a fun time. There are plenty of local restaurants here that are diverse.
I love that Morgantown has a little bit of everything. Great restaurants and a lots of entertainment from the local and community owed grocery stores to delicious restaurants that cater to everyones different diets. In addition to lots of greats great parks, shopping, and walking trails and music venues.
For all the the times I have been to Morgantown for a visit, I have always had a good time! However, many of the students who attended West Virginia University drop out fairly fast. The University is a phenomenal school. But the rates of going to parties, and not going to class the next morning are very high. That needs to change, for the students.
Morgantown is a wonderful college town. There are many unique restaurants in town in addition to the opportunities included with the college. There are several music venues in town that bring in a variety of acts, also several festivals and parades throughout the year.
It's a pretty nice town, but of course it could be better. Since WVU's campus is downtown there is a lot of litter, and we have a lot of bars, and a lot of drunk students walking around. There isn't much today for students under 18, so it's pretty boring, and I would not raise children here. There are a lot of shootings and robberies.
Morgantown has some of the most honest and helping people I have met. While school is session, traffic is very bad, therefore, I would like to see road expansion.
I work in Morgantown. The town itself is quaint and very diverse. It is a college town and there are a lot of things to do especially if you are into the outdoors. The traffic is terrible for such as small city and the roads are not well maintained. Although there have been attempts to make it better, there is a long way to go before it is decent. Cost of living is high for the quality of homes.
I love morgantown because of i ts natural beauty. The people that live in town are super friendly. There's a lot of great places to eat, most of them being locally owned. The only thing I don't like about Morgantown is the lack of parking.
It is a small town. The transportation tools are very poor. If you do not have a car and want to go somewhere for working, studying, shopping, you may have a big trouble for that. Every Sunday, I have to walk almost 2 miles to go to church. Every Friday, I have to walk 1 mile and buy my glossaries. Every day, I have to walk half a mile to go to school. Personally, I am coming from the big city. It is the super inconvenience for me to go somewhere.
It is a college town.lots of great places to eat downtown.Family friendly and for college kids.You can meet a diverse of ethnicities from all over the world.Theres always festivals,parades, and family oriented shows going on. Along with basketball and football season morgantown is a popular place and busy those times of the year.
Coming from a small beach resort town, to this little slice of heaven, turned my world upside down. I never thought I would find a community with such pride for it state and University. When first making my transition to the state it was love at first drive. After living in the small city I come to find out there is so much more to the world and not every area/town is the same. When I first was living here. I would constantly see people waving at me. No, I didn't know them and it turn out to be how everyone is and lives in the area, Friendly. The only down side I have seen is the amount of Homelessness. I know the economy of the state of West Virginia is far from great but there has to be more the town/state can do for these people. Overall Morgantown, a hidden gem in the hills of West Virginia.
I drive everywhere and the roads need to be fixed. However, they keep the roads very clean in the winters. There is many restaurant choices. There is not a lot of health food choices. everything is pretty close. about a fifteen to twenty minute drive.
Morgantown, West Virginia, is a beautiful place among the hills. This is a college town so the population fluctuates around the university schedule, but there are perks to either-side of the fluctuation. In the summer months, this WV town really shows its' beauty with colors of all sorts, and a peaceful atmosphere with population being decreased by 50%. The fall is this town's claim to fame with all of the school spirit gathered around the Mountaineer stadium. Come check out this town to get a true piece of West Virginia culture, all while meeting some great people; Lord knows there are plenty here.
I really like it here because there is a lot of opportunities.Its like your home. A lot of young people who want to get an education.It is really safe here.I think its worth it living here.Safety comes first.
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Morgantown is a rapidly growing town and with that said, there is always something new being built so that's one of the upsides. One of Morgantown's downsides is that there is very little things to do here for fun. So overall, Morgantown is a great place to live and you could meet someone new everyday, but has very little activities to do for fun.
Very nice town for college students, but the cost of living is on the high side. There are many student housing complexes in all areas of town.
I have lived in Morgantown almost my entire life. It's a great town with lots of personality and diversity. The university, WVU, brings a lot of students, athletics, events and more to town. The only thing I wish the town had was more career opportunities for young individuals. It's incredibly hard to get a well-paying job in Morgantown and most young individuals are forced to leave to pursue their career dreams and then later come back to town once they have gained some experience.
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