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Peaceful quiet Northside. Clean schools great school staff enough school security on my end. Most people are friendly. Close to shopping centers , markets , fun zones restaurants the mountains.
Nor so much traffic. Very hard to find good honest doctors and hospitals out here I stick with out of riverside county im warning you high cost in health care here and they don't help out just charge you.oh and DENTIST are RIDICULOUS out here over charge !!! Cash PATIENCE $375 deep cleaning vs out of riverside county $75! Never come to dental in riverside county
More RENTAL causing drama bringing their la problems over here.
Other than that ok city tio live in. Not too many churches lots of stores closing down . Lot of construction of new homes as apartments condos.
I am 16 years old, my name is Kelsy Orozco and I attend Canyon Springs High School. I have lived all my life in the city of Moreno Valley. I have had many wonderful experiences in the parks, homes, and many stores here in Moreno Valley. Living in Moreno Valley, CA will impact me very much due to all the good memories I've had, but along with those memories are not so good ones, along with increasing violence and concern of safety in many high schools in the area. Once a student is dropped off or leaves the house to walk to school and says goodbye to their guardian, they say goodbye because they do not know what may happen at school whether something mild or very dangerous that they may not return. Our safety is being questioned more and more everyday after the things that occur inside the schools. But aside from that Canyon Springs HS is a good school to attend because we are offered many academic, sport, and social opportunities with many options that they let us choose from.
I personally rated it a 4 star because when I was there I loved the area and nobody was bothering me. I enjoyed the park in the morning and other places were also peaceful. Its a really good area, only some areas are not that nice or well kept but most are.
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Homeless but nothing like la
Little to no graffiti- Mall 1/2 empty y call it a mall?! Many Restaurant-people drive like we live in tj._Hard to find friends that can speak English but love the culture
Many parents look like gparents.older.Tights leggings excercise clothes is the thing over here YIKES!!!
A lot of dogs , cats , rabbits roaming the streets nit to metion donkeys too. No dog catcher. Cops do they blackops duty.
I have lived here my whole life. I was born and raised in Moreno Valley, California. I like how It's a somewhat big city, witch many diverse people. Although, I would change the streets because of how damaged they are.
Moreno Valley is all in all, an okay community. In my opinion, the community here isn't that exceptional from others. Meaning, we don't have much to offer here in Moreno Valley. The area has little to no things to do for entertainment. Most kids here will either walk to target for their definition of fun. Lately, the safety here hasn't been entirely great. For example, we've had multiple incidents of stolen cars and gang related incidences. Overall, Moreno Valley is okay in a sense, there just needs to be improvement in our safety and entertainment to keep the community involved.
Well, to start off, Moreno Valley is alright. I have made a lot of good friends throughout the years. However, I do think that Landmark Middle School, I did not have such a great experience because there was always a lot of fights and I didn't have a lot of friends. I especially loved elementary school, but that is only because I used to have a small group of friends that I always hanged out with and talked to about things. I also like Valley View High school. I still currently go there. I really do wish though, that they had more Korean BBQ restaurants and I also hope they have more stores and markets around my neighborhood. My family and I usually go out to Riverside because they have more restaurants and better malls that have more outfits and clothes. Overall, I think that Moreno Valley could definitely improve, moreso on the malls and school systems.
Moreno Valley is my home town where I was born and raised, I found that there many academic and financial opportunities. Also its where you can go finding a new start in order to live on your own very quiet and calm area yet full of life when going to the right spots in town.
Been living here 2 years. I'm pleasantly surprised about how nice and quite it is here. The ValVerde School District is very good. The Riverside Sheriff department could have a better presence throughout the city but overall not bad at all. Streets are very well kept and clean. There is absolutely little too no graffiti anywhere which is excellent and the city is very diverse.
Moreno Valley used to be a very good town to live in but low income residents from Los Angeles bought houses that have good price and things have not been the same. A lot of warehouses have been constructed and so many trucks have been driving to the town's main roads and destroying the roads that lead to a lot of potholes. Moreno Valley has not been safe because of the gangs that want to act like they own the town and things only get worse when the different gangs come across each other. Some areas located in the outskirts of Moreno Valley are still pretty good areas and have very nice houses.
I have actually lived in Moreno Valley my whole life. I was born and raised here. I honestly don't see much wrong with the city. Many people might say how dangerous it is, but personally there is danger everywhere in every city. I haven't had anything happen to me here. However, I wish people would stop referencing this city as such a terrible place to live and realize that it's really not that bad. I am receiving a good education at a school that received quite a few rewards. I actually attend an international baccalaureate school that is also one of the top schools in the state. They provide so many resources and services to help us. All in all I really don't see a problem with Moreno Valley, I see it as any other city.
I have lived in Moreno Valley for my entire life. I would say that it is a very family orientated town, with multiple schools located throughout the town that have a good graduation rate. There are also many parks throughout the city for teenagers and kids to hangout. Some things that should be changed, however, is road maintenance as most roads have many potholes or cracks, and it may take months for them to get fixed. Furthermore, there are many people in Moreno that have little ambition, or have a lot of ambition and then do nothing. So as a whole, Moreno Valley needs more motivation so that people will want to succeed in life.
I have lived in Moreno Valley for about 15 years now, and it is a good area if you are looking to buy a house for cheap. There's not much to do for fun, especially regarding nightlife.
I have lived in Moreno Valley nearly my entire life. It has it's ups and downs and there are definitely areas of needed improvement. On the flipside, it is much easier to find affordable housing for larger families (I have 4 kids) than in Riverside.
I enjoy the people in Moreno Valley because they are very friendly and they are supportive. They're also understanding and with it comes to important situations.
All tho it is a comuter city and emplyment tends to be a little ways away it is a great city to live in
I’m really disappointed with this town. I have been here for two years. My neighbors are incredibly unfriendly and only talk to me to complain about my dogs(who are rarely outside). There are always police in my neighborhood despite everyone telling me the Box Springs area was safe. I know for sure there are multiple cases of domestic assault, drug dealing, and gang nonsense going on in my neighborhood. Most days, the air quality is unhealthy. The heat is almost as bad as the desert (where I came from). The parks have primarily rude, pushy children who bully my kid. I have enjoyed my son’s two teachers at his school and the rating of the school was two stars. The ratings have more to do with the kid’s overall test scores. As the parent involvement is low, the scores are affected. Out of the seven towns I have lived in, this is the one I cannot wait to leave.
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I have been living in Moreno Valley for a year now and I haven’t had any issues with where I reside. It is a peaceful quiet area, the neighborhood is nice and my neighbors are friendly.
I have lived in Moreno Valley for about 16-17 years of my life and it is a very family-friendly city. Commuting to and from work is great since the city is right in the middle of the 90 freeway headed to either San Diego or Los Angeles. If you would want to head to the beach, you are only an hour away from Huntington.
There is a lot of places to eat throughout the city. But there is an aged feel about the area. There is not many new buildings, and there is a big homeless population. There is a great place to hike (Two tree trail to the M). Drivers are always trying to race you at the light, weather they are young or old. And all types of cars.
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