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Overall, I live in a nice neighborhood in Moraine. I wish they would get the landfill methane leak smell under control though. Then maybe we could begin to sell the foreclosed houses around here.
Moraine is a quaint little family friendly community that offers many things to residents. They not only have services for seniors but also provide aftercare homework help to elementary students.
Moraine is one big community with a small town feel. It’s a fantastic place to be. I’ve lived here my entire life.
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Close nit community and does a lot with the West Carrollton Community. Lots of events hosted by the leaders and volunteers of the community. Great place to start a family, or to settle down. Uses West Carrollton School district.
Small city, no nightlife, police everywhere so you feel very safe. Lots of schools. Friendly people, needs road work.
While Moraine is not one of Dayton's premier areas, Moraine is clean and affordable. The annual Heritage Festival is free, fun and family oriented and located at the Moraine Rec Center. Every 4th of July, there are spectacular fireworks. One of the best restaurants her in the suburb is El Meson, which is a destination must for foodies and fans of Hispanic food from an array of cultures and countries.
Moraine, Ohio is a neighborhood outside the city of Dayton. This location is one of the better neighborhoods near Dayton. Crime is lower in comparison to neighboring towns. The schools are close by and the local Universities is 20 miles or less away. In the City of Moraine, there is not a great choice of entertainment. Entertainment is just a few miles away in Kettering. Overall, it is a comfortable place to live.
Moraine,Ohio is really diversed. Moraine has a lot of store and restaurants in the area. Also the mall and movie theater in Moraine is awesome.
The houses are pretty run down but they are still liveable.
Everyone keeps to themselves. Even the kids. If you dont live together then you talk to them is basically how it seems.
There is not a lot of crime where I live, but crime is crime and it happens everywhere. There are a lot of bad people in my neighborhood but they never do anything. I live less then a minute away from the city police station. It is really quiet in my neighborhood and nothing ever happens however it is really run down. All the houses just look abandoned. Nobody really keeps up with the outside of their homes.
Houses are run down. Most of the area include thieves and child molesters. Nobody talks to anybody
This is an average area to live in. Overall pretty average cost of living. Has a nice school district and isn't too far from malls and a lot of restaurants and stores. If I could do it all again I wouldn't mind living here again. I feel pretty safe here and I'm comfortable.
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