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Really big city! A lot of people to meet and tons to do in your free time. A lot of doctors around. A lot of schools.
I moved from Florida and Mooresville has really been our forever home. Its been a nice place to raise our little family and we have made many memories. I do not foresee my family ever leaving Mooresville.
Mooresville is a small town located on the outside of the bigger city Charlotte. It has two sides, one that is particularly more wealthy, and the other that is more middle to lower class. Mooresville, to me, has been my home for over 18 years. There is some good, some bad things about it. One great thing is how everyone is connected and tends to know each other, small town, small world.
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Mooresville is a close knit, kind, accepting community that people from all over thrive in together.
I am 42 years old and have lived in Mooresville, NC all my life. It’s my town, my home, my history. I feel connected, safe, rooted, and invested in Mooresville. My grandparents, my parents, my husband, and now my son have all grown up here. I was even voted Miss Mooresville Senior High School ‘93-‘94. Even though it has grown exponentially, I still feel that small hometown feel all over town. I hope to stay here and do my best to contribute to a great town for as long as I am able.
Beautiful town on the banks of Lake Norman. A 500 mile perimeter of water! Boats, sunshine, great food, and you may even see a famous Nascar driver or Carolina Panthers player!
so far with living in Mooresville, i have not found a great dining restaurant. if i want to get a great seafood dinner, i will have to go all the way to Charlotte. I currently work in concord, so i am 15 minutes away from my job, so it was very convenient to move there since i do not like the city like.
I love the small town feel and community. I feel like we are a mix of different cultures and backgrounds, and I have loved growing up here. I do think that the traffic is bad, especially around the Lake Norman area.
In Mooresville, the amount of opportunity is wonderful. Considered "Race city USA", we see many racing teams and car company's building their headquarters in Mooresville. By providing us with jobs, Mooresville has developed into a hotspot for engineering in North Carolina. I love the opportunity, the culture and the food! With Seafood restaurants like "Big Daddy's" and steak houses like "Epic Chophouse", you will never find yourself wondering if there are any good places to eat.
There is so much to do! During the summer, the lake is the best place to be. With hundreds of restaurants, movies, mini golf, and lake activites, you will never be bored here. Mooresville is very family friendly with a booming population and many of new homes and appartment homes, you are sure to find what you're looking for.
I like how there are a lot of stores and options of places to go, but I don't like the traffic. I also like the location of the town, it's not too far from charlotte so if you work there the commute isn't terrible.
Mooresville is a lovely quaint and historic town. It's nice to have the small-town feel when you're on the downtown side of Mooresville.
I moved to Mooresville, NC about six years ago, coming from a very small town in coastal NC. There are many more opportunities for work here than my old area, and a significantly larger pool of people. As a relatively large suburb outside of Charlotte, many people work in Charlotte and commute.
Mooresville and the surrounding areas hold quite a few opportunities for outdoor activities. If you have a boat, Mooresville has some of the best access to Lake Norman, the massive man-made reservoir stretching over the area. Mooresville is also near Huntersville, home of the beautiful and historic Latta Plantation.
Overall, my experiences have been relatively positive in the town. Development life can be a hassle, as people oftentimes play favorites and bully outsiders away. I'd recommend avoiding life in a large development. If you can find an area with land, Mooresville can be a beautiful, well-located town with lots to offer.
Mooresville is an amazing place to live. There’s fun things to do, great places to eat at, and beautiful sites to see. I love being close to so many fun things and all of my friends. Pretty much everyone is nice and schools are great!
This town has a lot of history. From its time as a small offshoot of a railroad to a bustling suburb of the Charlotte metropolitan area, this town has kept its story close to its heart, while moving easily with the times. Take a walk down Main Street to the D.E. Turner's hardware store, which has been running since the late 1890s. The old rail depot which brought Mooresville its life remains, now in use by a local artists' guild. Mooresville also sits in the Goldilocks zone in terms of its proximity to the city of Charlotte. The town is close enough to enjoy the benefits of having a large city nearby, but far away enough to not be swamped with traffic. All in all, this is a perfect place to live if you're looking for a nice, clean, and happy place to call home.
Mooresville is a booming town with growing cooperate opportunities at a reasonable living price. The people of Mooresville are friendly and diverse.
Honestly, I was bug-eyed to see that Mooresville was highly rated. Traffic is horrific. The local police sit at (what would be considered small town) intersections bc people block them. Nothing to do in "Snoresville". Unexplained thyroid cancer, multiple coal ash dumping sites & contaminated Lake Norman. Educationally, the town still ranks well. I'm not pleased that the children drink from water bottles. It's extremely conservative (red county) & the locals & "yankees" clash. The northerners are becoming more prominent. The housing prices do not match what this site states unless they are talking about rundown homes in crime-ridden downtown. The Statesville drug scene is moving down to the town. We are leaving the area due to health concerns, increasing crime & town's refusal to address the infrastructure/water/sewer issues. They keep building more homes & apts. Google their plans to widen the roads. It's hilarious. 2024 will be the anticipated date of completion.
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Home of NASCAR and Lake Norman with lots to do, growing area, but way too much traffic without the infrastructure to grow. If you're looking for a place that is growing and attracting high tech companies which still has a feel for being a genuine small town, look no further.
Mooresville appears to be a melting pot of the north and the south. Majority in this area believe in hard work and success, takes care of their home, their yard, their cars, believes in family, and in the bible belt.
Nice medium-sized town. The people are friendly for the most part, good food, and great town events. Sometimes some of the traffic lights are frustratingly slow though.
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