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Nice suburban area - my family (including our dogs) love all of the wonderful parks here! Icy winters can be a pain though
Moore is an okay town. I grew up here and have recently moved back. It is very conservative. The public education is subpar, and I have personally lived through 5 tornados.
I lived here for 5 years, I think it is a great place for families. I think that the younger community could benefit from more positive extracurricular activities in school and high school internships.
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Moore Oklahoma is a very safe area to live. It is close to both Oklahoma City Community College and the University of Oklahoma. It has very nice parks and lots of shops. I wish that there were more things to do in moore, instead of having to drive to other cities.
I really like that Moore is coming up as a town/city. I see new businesses open very often. There is a lot of traffic in Moore but seeing it continuously grow gives me a good feeling. This is a place I want my children to grow up.
Moore is a mundane city, there is not much to do there but there are a vast majority of fast foods restaurants on every corner.
Moore is almost like a small town but in the body of a suburb. It seems like you can go anywhere and know someone. The town seems very relaxed but upbeat. It seems weird but once you live here you would understand.
I have lived in Moore for probably more than 90% of my life. They community here is very great and strong—especially after disasters such as the 2013 tornado and deaths of high school students. Although the school district is always striving to improve (and they are), the science department may need better teachers (at least in Moore HS).
Moore, Oklahoma is a very welcoming place. The people are some of the kindest you will ever meet and would give you the shirt off their back if you asked for it. Although Moore is a wonderful place I would like to see more healthy eating options. I also wish there was more options for things to do. To find fun things to do you have to go to a surrounding town.
I love the mix of big city and small town feel in Moore, although, I do wish it offered more things to do in terms of bowling, malls, etc.
Despite the tragic tornado that rocked Moore and surrounding area in 2013 it has recovered very well. The tenacious and determined people of this area have rebuilt it to be better than before with Grade a schools, beautiful houses, and no shortage of restaurants and fun activities to take part in. Moore is now easily and prime location for raising a family.
Moore is an up and coming city in Oklahoma. A lot of businesses are expanding into the area which helps with job creation. The houses are usually very nice and affordable. The school system is one of the best in Oklahoma and the city seems to be pretty diverse for all kinds of people. They have a dog park for the people that enjoy spending time with their furry friends. A nice baseball/ softball facility to keep children involved in activities. The only thing that I would like to change about Moore is the number of bigger tornadoes that come through that area. I don't think that there is much that can be done about that but most homes and schools have some sort of shelter from the tornadoes. It is a rapidly growing area located on the outskirts of Oklahoma City.
Good vocational school programs. Not many activities or events. Not a lot of places to see or want to go to.
Regarding all the tornados it is a good place to live. The people are friendly and the community is good.
A very hometown-like feel. It’s small and easy to navigate, but close enough to other cities to travel to other essential locations. However the street and traffic system is messy and dangerous to move around from 3:00 to 7:00
No night or weekend activities besides the movie theater. The traffic is a nightmare. 19th street is a disaster for traffic and needs more lights.
Moore has a lot to offer - lots of stores, restaurants, and things to do. It's also very close to Norman, home of OU, and Oklahoma City, the state capital. The one thing about Moore that brings the rating down to three stars is the traffic. People constantly are running red lights and blocking intersections, and the on/off ramps for highways make no sense.
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So many things like fast food places, restaurants, hotels but there is so much traffic! Community really knows how to come together when there’s a tragedy, as in tornadoes. People are so kind and so real with one another.
The suburb of Moore has a very interesting dynamic to it. With multiple schools to divide up the local population, class sizes are not bad. It also features many varieties of shopping, and any shopping that cannot be found in the suburb of Moore is only a thirty minutes drive away in the next town. It is also just a stones throw away from the state's capital of Oklahoma City, where it features the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Triple A baseball team the OK Dodgers.
I've lived in Moore my entire life and it's always been a peaceful place to live, yeah there's the occasional tornado or two but other than that the people and the places there are always inviting and warm. The people have almost an inherent air to kindness as opposed to the inverse because there's an overarching since of community upon each of the people living there
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