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Moore is a good place to live. Its location between Oklahoma City and Norman make it a good place for commuting. Moore has some neighborhoods that are a good place for first time home buyers. Houses tend to be cheaper when compared to Norman. Moore does get busy in the evening on 19th, it usually getting around is fine. There are also plenty of parks for humans and their furry friends. The trains that pass through can be annoying but there are ways to bypass them. As safety goes I would say it’s average you do here about some issues north of Moore but for the most part it seems fine. Over all not a bad place to be.
I have lived in Moore for about 20 years and I love living here. The roads were really bad when I was younger, but the roads are great now. We have expanded our entertainment and restaurant opportunities in Moore. The only negative thing about Moore is that it is tornado alley. This is obviously something that is completely out of Moore's control, but it is a huge problem. It has caused so much destruction and sorrow for so many people in Moore. I know of a lot of people who refuse to live in Moore for that reason exactly. I still love this city and I have no intent on leaving, but the tornadoes are a nuisance.
A really nice place to raise a family. Great schools, plenty of nice parks for recreation. A lot of variety in places to eat, and a nice movie theater.
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Lots of shops and many different places to eat. Walk around outsie and enjoy the night life and the wonderful shopping all together. Plus the school are descent and crime is pretty low
Moore is a great place to raise a family! The schools, for the most part, are excellent. I bought a home specifically to raise my boys here and get them the best education possible. I can go 1 mile in any direction and find everything we need while still having a small town feel. The people here are the best you'll ever meet! Moore has grown exponentially since I bought my house in early 2012 and has a booming economy!
Family town! Everyone is willing to help each other out in a time of need. Schools are ran by people who care about your children.
It's a great little town to live in. There is tons of softball around here, which I love, and Moore is right next to downtown OKC and Norman so finding something to do isn't too tough.
Its growing very quickly, and with that it has seemed to decrease in safety. There is a lot to do during the day, but not many bars or clubs in Moore. It is close enough to Norman or Edmond to commute, and not too far from Oklahoma City.
Moore is a great place to live. All of the stores and restaurants are very close together, so you can get lunch with a friend and walk to a few stores to shop after! It feels like a big city, but everyone knows everybody. Moore is like a big family; especially around tornado season when we need each other most. People from Moore are very good at helping their neighbors in need out. I love it here.
It's a nice area but not the most wealthy of regions. However, the people there are awesome and very friendly!
Motley quiet neighborhoods but many places have seen recent increase in theft. Rentals can be hard to come by and overpriced based on the overall value of the home on the market.
Moore is a good place to live, it’s by the highway and is expanding with new shopping and convenience.
I have lived in Moore for 18 years and would not want to live in any other town around. It's nice and small great place for kids. The biggest downfall is the tornadoes but as long as you have a shelter you will be fine. Overall a great place.
I've lived in Moore, OK for 5 years. Its overall a great place to live. It has many opportunities for residents to explore nearby cities like Norman and Oklahoma City. The city itself is always growing and thriving. Also, the community supports its local stores and schools.
Moore is well-known for its generous, welcoming citizens. There is a strong sense of community, especially after community disaster. Citizens are deeply connected to community support organizations and parents are very involved in the public school system. It’s a wonderful place to live with a young family. However, the nightlife is pretty much nonexistent. Instead of looking for a nightclub, try a movie at the Warren Theater or a play from one of high school drama programs.
I like being in Moore. The traffic is fine, there's many restaurants, and there are 3 high schools here, but i wish there was more substance and activities in Moore. Many more things would be enjoyable.
Moore is a nice place to live but we find ourselves driving to Okc and Norman a lot. The schools are mostly alternative certified teachers which I find problematic as a pre service early childhood education. Moore has also had an explosion of development and people living here which is becoming a problem because Moore is not very big.
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Moore is a great place to live. Small, but has almost everything in it, great theater, stores, shops, etc. Also close to everything so anything not in Moore is within a 30 or so minute drive.
Moore is a very quiet town. Not much happens. The schools are decent and so are the people. It's a bit boring to be honest. However, boring may be appealing to some people.
I love living in Moore because it's not a big city, but everything is close to where I live. The city is safe and the people are nice.
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