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Driving anywhere in Monterey is a hassle and parking can be a pain, but luckily the weather is usually good, so walking or biking is a great option. Walking in Monterey is enjoyable; the commercial areas are nice and the sidewalks are well maintained. There are nice amenities for families here. Cost of living is very high, especially for rental houses or apartments.
Great town! no black people though. If you are thinking about moving here make sure your funds are in place. Very beautiful beaches and the people are so nice. If you wanted a healthy and safe environment come to Monterey.
Monterey and the peninsula that shares its name is the jewel of the Central Coast of California. Known in the offices of CEOs across the world, Monterey is a place of innovation and inspiration. It's as if there's something in the air, or maybe it's the lack of things in the air. A 2016 report had Monterey County as the cleanest county in the US for air quality. The people here are relaxed and down to earth, eager to enjoy this beautiful city with you.
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Monterey is a good place for sight seeing and walking. Close to the beach and there are just so many things to do I recommend anyone to go.
I really enjoyed living in Monterey California, it is such a beautiful place to be. This town might be hella touristy, but it's so cute! There's some fun shopping, restaurants, and those awesome views of the bay.

If you ever do plan on visiting, Monterey Bay California spend one afternoon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, do some shopping in Cannery Row, and take a nice stroll on Monterey Bay Coastal Trail. The sunset is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see.

Don't forget to take a ride on the 17-Mile Drive and Mission Basilica. Although these spots aren't technically part of Monterey, it's definitely worth the time to see both. 17-Mile Drive is breathtakingly beautiful, and the mission is a lovely piece of history.
Monterey, it's a fun beautiful place to stop when traveling.
It is a very beautiful place to live. Being right by the ocean gives a person chance to take advantage of all the amenities that are there. There is something there for everyone no matter what your interests my be.
Very nice and scenic place to live. The beach is close by and there are many places that can be visited on a daily. There is an aquarium near by and a wharf that has many restaurants that serve delicious seafood. There are also many recreational parks that have a beautiful view of the ocean nearby.
Monterey is a beautiful place to live with great people. It is known for good schools. There is not much nightlife, but there are some great places to eat and some great bars. Also, the diversity of landscapes is very nice. It is quite cool by the water, but gets hot as you go inland.
Monterey is the former capital of Mexican Alta California.

This historical roots make Monterey a melting pot of cultures and civilizations. The town has remarkable diversity and there is a strong Mexican heritage that can be found in its unique architecture ,the " Monterey style". Monterey's ocean side location makes it a mild climate place for living.Monterey is welcoming has lots of educational institutions and therefore has a strong expatriate community of international students and workers. Notable things to do and see in Monterey are whale watching , visit the Monterey aquarium ,a walk in historic downtown Monterey or down Cannery Row.
Monterey Park is a safe city located in California. I have grown up in Monterey Park my whole life, and I feel that the people living there are a great community.
I have lived in Monterey my entire life. It is quiet and the weather is always perfect. Monterey is a tourist town, so during the summer it can be difficult to commute to and from work, but generally it is not a very busy town. It is very expensive to live here, most jobs don't pay enough to live on your own. I have always had to have roommates, even when working two decent paying jobs. I work in customer service and I get to interact with many types of people and I can say that Monterey is very diverse, with multiple cultures. Monterey has a lot of history, with many small museums and the "History Walk" in downtown. I don't dislike living here, but with the cost of living, I also can't wait to get out.
I moved to Monterey County in 1994 and have lived in many different parts of the county. First and foremost, Monterey is very diverse in climate and topography but overall, very favorable. Given that tourism is the biggest source of revenue, many people flock to the area. My daughter, who is now 20 was born and grew up here and I'm very thankful for that. The only real complaint is housing availability and affordability. At present, there's is plenty of opportunity across the board. Being a builder, there is no shortage of work in the construction industry and we seem to have returned or surpassed levels reached prior to 2008. Monterey has some of the most awesome coastline in the world. Agriculture plays a major role here as well. We have Castroville, the artichoke capital of the world and not far away is Gilroy, the garlic capital. For what I consider to be a small town, there's plenty of everything to satisfy most needs and it's only 1.5 hrs. to Silicon Valley and 2 hrs. to SF.
Quiet town. Touristy place. Great for families. Great restaurants. Many parks and hiking trails. Monte Vista Elementary school is the best! People are generally friendly and caring. Very expensive to live here.
I have grown up in this town, and I love it! It is very beautiful ,and there are plenty of opportunities for work. It is a place that people from all over the world come to visit, and has some of the highest ratings in America for hospitality. Although it is very expensive, it is very well worth the expense.
It's a cute little big town with lots of history and many different places to go to the beach. There are a lot of tourists coming in and out the town. There is an airport that is very convenient for those who want to be right in the town of where they land. The public transit is very reliable!
Monterey is beautiful and diverse, I can't imagine living anywhere else. The only issues are the number of tourists in the summer, which makes the roads pretty busy, as well as the cost of living here. There is a lot to do, from kayaking to going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Monterey is located in a great area, both geographically as well as socially. Right in the center of the beautiful California coast line, we have a little bit of everything to please just about everyone that visits the area!
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I have grown up in Monterey and have just recently moved back after living in San Jose for a while. These big cities cannot compare to our wonderful town of Monterey.
While the weather is never exactly what one would call hot monterey has a lot to offer. From the touristy cannery row district to the secret local spots monterey has just about everything you need. Head just south of the monterey bay aquarium to see the harbor seals and their pups. Or get a beer at the local hot spot Alvarado street brewery. Their food is amazing!
The town itself is very nice, but the locals are very nosy and believe the riches should be spread around from this town.
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