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Mont Vernon is a great quiet town! It is a great place to raise kids! The people who live here are wonderful and friendly.
A small colonial town steeped in history and community. Set upon a hill just north of Amherst NH and Milford NH, this town has a tremendous sense of community. While being slightly removed from the commercial hustle and bustle, this town is one of S. NH's best kept secret's. Some would say that you are paying more to get less, but those who live here like it that way. Some of the notable community events include, Spring Gala, Lampson Farm Day, trick-or-treating on Main Street, and the Christmas tree lighting in December. Mont Vernon is serviced by a volunteer call fire department, volunteer selectmen, planning board, zoning board and paid police dept. Students attend the close knit elementary school in town up through grade 6. For grades 7 and 8, they then go to the Amherst middle school. Students at the high school level attend Souhegan High School.
Very small, quiet town. No businesses but community gathers together often. Good elementary school. Youll have to go to the next town over for stores and high school.
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There isn't much or any crime in the town and the police are usually reasonable and friendly.
I like the area because it is away from enough people in the woodsy area and yet close enough to the main stream of things.
There are a few abandoned or foreclosed properties in town but in the past few years its really cleared up, including new apartment buildings being put up! The only really poor part of town is the trailer park near the dump.
There is a strong sense of community here because it is so small. Everyone knows each other and looks out for one another. Super pet and family friendly. Love the Spring Gala every year!
Besides every once a year maybe, there is very little crime here. In general a very safe place to live.
I don't mind where I live and overall it is wonderful! It can be a little too small at times but its ok.
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