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The people can be very close-knit and form strong bonds. However, there is nothing to do unless you are willing to drive 45 minutes or sit at a diner with mediocre at best food and atmosphere. The schools aren't great. I personally left to go to a school in a nearby town and found that Monson's curriculum, while enough that I could keep up, didn't offer much more than the basics.
I like that Monson is a small beautiful town located in New England. I've lived here my whole life and I enjoy knowing many people and feeling comfortable here. In 2011, our town was hit by a large sequence of tornadoes, which was very out of the ordinary due to our climate and terrain. It caused major destruction to our town. Everyone was in shock. This event changed Monson drastically. It brought us together and made us a stronger community.
I've lived in Monson my entire life. At this point, whenever I go anywhere and tell people I'm from here, they always ask about the 2011 tornado. Yes, I know we had a tornado, I lived through it. Leave it alone.

There's a bunch to do for kids. Once you're older, it's a bit of a boring town. My parents moved here for the wonderful school system, but it seems to have declined over the years. There’s a bunch of family owned restaurants, most of them being pizza places. Other than that, the nightlife is lackluster.

I'm rating it a four out of five because I don't know much else. Like I said, I've lived in Monson my whole life. It's a quaint little town with more land then people, but I'm ready to get out.
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Amazing place to live and grow up. It is a small town with a definite rural vibe but the sense of community is anything but. No stop lights, not a lot of traffic, tons of local businesses, very safe. There's a lot of "Monson Pride" and with good reason! They have a lot of fun events like the 4th of July Summerfest, Town Wide Tag Sale, Christmas Craft Fair, and more!
Tranquil, pleasant and warm atmosphere. A beautifully historic sector of Massachusetts. Come and enjoy the experience.
I like the small town feeling of Monson. I felt is was an excellent town in which to raise my child.
Monson is a very small town, and the people in it at very nice. Its very small, and quiet, with almost nothing to do.
I absolutely loved growing up in Monson. There is such a great sense of community within the people here.
Monson is family friendly. Local police & fire are always on top of the community keeping it safe. Monson citizens are involved with keeping the town clean and safe for our children. Very friendly, warm welcoming, sports are great. School systems are wonderful, teachers are amazing. School programs are great for children with disabilities.
It is a wonderful small little town, everyone knows each other. This is a good thing unless you have issues with people. The police department is not the greatest, they're rude and discriminating. The schools also suck due to poor funding. All that aside, it's a great town.
I grew up in this small town. However, being a small town there is very little to do within the town itself. Its a great place to go walking, hiking, and exploring the outdoors. I just wish there were more to do when it came into inside activities during the times it is too cold or not the best weather to charge the outdoors.
Rarely see cops on the road.
I like the small community, it allows me to get to know everyone and we all look out for everyone.
Crime isn't really a big thing in Monson. Maybe 1 a year.
Monson is an okay town to live in. It's too small.
There is not much to do in this small town, but enjoyable to live in
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